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46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

By Neecey

In recent years we have seen a lot more varieites of exotic mushrooms in our grocery stores, but I would bet that most of you (me included) really had no idea just how many incredible wild mushroom species there are in our world. Looking like designs from Dr. Seuss, Star Trek and Willy Wonka as well as children's artwork - here are some. Just a really small selection of the countless numbers out there.

Oh and before anyone points it out, I'm using the term mushroom as a capture all here for ease.

1 Veiled Lady Mushroom

Veiled Lady MushroomVia 13 Most bizarre mushrooms
Found in gardens and woodlands in southern Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia.

2 Amethyst Deceiver

Amethyst DeceiverVia amethyst deceiver
A a small brightly colored, edible mushroom.

Nicole it's totally gorgeous ...

3 Funghi Nell'acqua

Funghi Nell'acquaVia Photo of Scotney Castle, near ...
Mushrooms are weird. Especially when they're this big and look like they're wading in a swamp.

Lala Art installation. Made of glass. ...

4 "Berkshire Blue" Amanita

"Berkshire Blue" AmanitaVia
This photograph was taken by the late Professor McGinty, the only person ever to have found the infamous "Berkshire Blue" Amanita. While many mycologists believe that this is a fraudulent picture, others come to Berkshire to walk the same woods frequented by the late, great Mcginty, with hopes of finding this elusive mushroom for themselves.

Lala A wonderfully photoshopped image....

5 South American Mushroom

South American MushroomVia ZBOORA1_00182.psd | Art Wolfe Stock ...
An elegant wood-rotting fungus on a twig in the rainforest of the Napo River region of Peru.

6 Sweet Paul's Stacked Leather Mushroom

Sweet Paul's Stacked Leather MushroomVia Stacked Leather & Wool Mushroom ...
Amazing construction.

7 Woodland Mushroom

Woodland MushroomVia
Stropharia aeruginosa, commonly known as the verdigris agaric, is a medium-sized woodland mushroom

Nicole I love the colour ...

8 Jelly Ear Mushroom

Jelly Ear MushroomVia ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog ...
So weird. Ferengi anyone?

9 Rainforest Fungi

Rainforest FungiVia Loweprofessionals Xtras - Lowepro Ambassador ...
What a stunning color.

10 White Chicken Mushroom

White Chicken MushroomVia Bracket fungi
Also known as spring chicken - its complicated latin name is Laetiporus cincinnatus

11 Hygrocybe Psittacina

Hygrocybe PsittacinaVia Hygrocybe psittacina
I don't think i've ever seen a better example of the word "tumescent"

Nicole gorgeous ...

12 Silver Mushroom

Silver MushroomVia 32 Intriguing Examples of Fungi ...
A light emitting mushroom

13 Coprinus Comatus

Coprinus ComatusVia Shaggy Ink-Cap (Coprinus Comatus) Fungi ...
Stunning. Also known as the lawyer's wig.

14 So Cute

So CuteVia Entoloma sp.
Found in Loei, Thailand.

15 Stropharia Aeruginosa

Stropharia AeruginosaVia - Fotografia - golierovka ...
Known as the Verdigris Agaric

16 Boletus Frostii

Boletus FrostiiVia
Commonly known as Frost's bolete or the apple bolete.

17 Star-shaped Mushroom

Star-shaped MushroomVia 10 Most Amazing Mushrooms (cool ...
Known as the Devil's Cigar,or Texas Star (Chorioactis geaster). One of the world's rarest fungi. Found in central Texas.

Nicole very unusual and unique shape...

18 Magpie Inky Cap

Magpie Inky CapVia Coprinopsis picacea.2
Some of the names are so brilliantly descriptive of a mushroom's appearance.

19 Destroying Angel

Destroying AngelVia Deadly Beauty – Poisonous Mushroom ...
As deadly as it is beautiful.

20 Rainbow Mushrooms

Rainbow MushroomsVia Grandmas Dreams
Such beauty in a simple mushroom.

Nicole beautiful colours ...

21 Aleuria Aurantia

Aleuria AurantiaVia Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia)
Another completely descriptive name - Orange Peel Fungus

22 Erm ...

Erm ...Via Tasty Early Morel Mushrooms by ...
These are called ... wait for it ... Pecker Heads

23 Camarophyllus Russocoriaceus

Camarophyllus RussocoriaceusVia
Russian Leather Waxcap. It sounds like a piece of military uniform ^_^

24 Mycena Haematopus

Mycena HaematopusVia Mycena Haematopus
Such a pretty name, in a strange kinda way. It's known as the Bleeding Fairy Helmet

25 Cyttaria Gunnii

Cyttaria GunniiVia Δ S > 0 • ...
Found in the extremes of South America in Tierra del Fuego.

26 Clathrus Ruber

Clathrus RuberVia Red Cage Fungus - Clathrus ...
The Red Cage Fungus - incredible.

Nicole unusual ...

27 Phellodon Sinclairii

Phellodon SinclairiiVia Phellodon sinclairii
Found in beech forests of New Zealand.

28 Marasmius Haematocephalus

Marasmius HaematocephalusVia
Almost as beautiful as flowers.

29 Amanita Muscaria

Amanita MuscariaVia Fly Agaric Family, by Dr. ...
Where are the fairies and pixies? Oh they're hiding under the next ones.

30 Mycena Interrupta

Mycena InterruptaVia 20100606-22-Mycena interrupta mushrooms
Poetically known as the Blue Pixie's Parasol.

Nicole I adore the blue colour, where are they found?...

31 Mushroom Glow

Mushroom GlowVia Faith & Trust & Pixie ...
Sometimes they just don't look real.

32 Black Amanita

Black AmanitaVia Mycology
Some of them look really scary.

33 Tiger Milk Mushrooms

Tiger Milk MushroomsVia Preparation of anti-tumor nanoparticles using ...
A polysaccharide-protein complex was found in Tiger Milk mushrooms from Africa, which can turn selenium into a treatment for breast cancer. .

34 Pholiota Flammans

Pholiota FlammansVia Pholiota flammans
Flaming Scalecap.

35 Leucocoprinus Cretaceus

Leucocoprinus CretaceusVia Leucocoprinus cretaceus
Such intricate details in a simple mushroom.

36 Strofaria Aeruginosa

Strofaria AeruginosaVia
That color is so wonderful.

37 Polyporus Squamosus

Polyporus SquamosusVia
You can see why this is called the Bagpipe Mushroom.

38 Cyathus Striatus

Cyathus StriatusVia Bird's nest fungus (Cyathus striatus)
Simply amazing - this is the Bird's Nest Fungus

Nicole very unique ...

39 Campanella Caesia

Campanella CaesiaVia "Campanella caesia"
A very rare type of mushroom.

40 Austroboletus Betula

Austroboletus BetulaVia Austroboletus betula
OMG. They remind me of the aliens in War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise version). Or jellyfish maybe?

41 Giant Honey Mushroom

Giant Honey MushroomVia Fungi, Lichens & Slime mold
This is the world's largest living organism, except it's mostly underground. Its roots cover 800 hectares.

Antonia Photoshopped. Obviously. Seriously, folks. Isn't i...

42 Lycoperdon Perlatum

Lycoperdon PerlatumVia Flower Garden News | Daily ...
Known as the common puffball, warted puffball, gem-studded puffball, or the devil's snuff-box. Take your pick.

43 Cortinarius Archeri

Cortinarius ArcheriVia rabbitskittensandlambs: A beautiful specimen of... ...
Indigienous to Australia.

44 Clustered Bonnet Mushrooms

Clustered Bonnet MushroomsVia Clustered Bonnet Mushroom
The name makes me think of a gathering of Jane Austen characters.

45 Omphalotus Olearius

Omphalotus OleariusVia - Fotografia - kališník ...
Jack-O-Lantern Mushrooms

46 Favolaschia Calocera

Favolaschia CaloceraVia ECigarettes & ELiquid by 7's ...
Orange Pore Fungi.

It was sad to trim down the list to so few because this really is the tip of the iceberg. Did you know mushrooms were so captivating?

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