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Love Butterflies? Here's Why You Should Make Them into Your Next Tattoo ...

By Eliza

Getting inked is a big decision. After all, you'll have the tattoo for the rest of your life. That's why it's important to be selective about what you choose. Butterflies are a great choice because they are beautiful, they can be big or small, they can be any color you love and they represent new life and rebirth. Still on the fence? Here's why a butterfly tattoo is so perfect.

1 Really Light Colors

Really Light ColorsSource: 25 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design

2 Three Dimensional

Three DimensionalSource: Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

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3 Black and White on Your Shoulder

Black and White on Your ShoulderSource: 50 Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

4 Blue Butterflies

Blue ButterfliesSource: Great Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For

5 Pretty Butterfly on Your Wrist

Pretty Butterfly on Your WristSource: Beautiful and Fashionable Butterfly Tattoo

6 Matching Butterfly on Forearms

Matching Butterfly on ForearmsSource: 40+ Creative Best Friend Tattoos

7 Something Mystical

Something MysticalSource: 60 Butterfly Tattoos | Feminine

8 Baby Footprint Butterflies

Baby Footprint ButterfliesSource: 30+ Cute Baby Footprint Tattoos

9 Butterfly Skull

Butterfly SkullSource: 50 Cool Skull Tattoos Designs

10 Stardust Butterfly

Stardust ButterflySource: 60 Butterfly Tattoos | Feminine

11 Fun, Bright Colors

Fun, Bright ColorsSource: Butterfly Tattoo

12 Shadowed Monarch

Shadowed MonarchSource: Best 3D Tattoo Designs

13 Just the Outline

Just the OutlineSource: Beautiful and Fashionable Butterfly Tattoo

14 All the Details

All the DetailsSource: Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

15 Perched on a Heart

Perched on a HeartSource: Butterfly Tattoos - Heart Tattoos

16 Feminine Color Scheme

Feminine Color SchemeSource: Tattoos on foot: 20 creative

17 Tiger Butterfly

Tiger ButterflySource: Best Leo Tattoos - Our

18 Pink and Black

Pink and BlackSource: Best Flowers Tattoo Designs

19 Butterfly and Flowers

Butterfly and FlowersSource: 15 Latest 3D Butterfly Tattoo

20 Small Butterfly

Small ButterflySource: 25 Superb Small Butterfly Tattoos

21 Bright Purple

Bright PurpleSource: 50 Awesome Foot Tattoo Designs

22 Resting on Your Shoulder

Resting on Your ShoulderSource: Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs

23 Back of the Neck

Back of the NeckSource: 50 Butterfly Tattoos For Girls

24 Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

Wrist Butterfly TattooSource: 15 Latest 3D Butterfly Tattoo

25 True Anatomy

True AnatomySource: 40 Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Designs

26 Cute Little Butterfly Friends

Cute Little Butterfly FriendsSource: moment by moment

27 Butterfly Made of Butterflies

Butterfly Made of ButterfliesSource: 50 Absolutely Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoos

28 Butterfly Made from Lace

Butterfly Made from LaceSource: 45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

29 Fluttering up Your Leg

Fluttering up Your LegSource: Best Foot Tattoo Designs

30 Totally Realistic

Totally RealisticSource: fb head

31 Ankle Placement

Ankle PlacementSource: butterfly

32 Inspired by the Rainforest

Inspired by the RainforestSource: Butterfly Temporary Tattoo, 3D, Realistic

33 Beautiful Butterfly Back Tattoo

Beautiful Butterfly Back TattooSource: 100 Most Beautiful Tattoo Ideas

34 Water Color Butterfly Tattoo

Water Color Butterfly TattooSource: Ketomom2013, New tat by Lindsey

35 Monarch on a Tropical Flower

Monarch on a Tropical FlowerSource: 60+ Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs

Do you see your next tattoo? Where will you put it?

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