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Perfect Reasons to Take up Horse Riding ...

By Katt

You love animals and you love spending time with them and horses are no exception. There are so many reasons to take up horse riding, but your love of them should be the most important. If you're still unsure, read on to find out some of the great reasons to have riding lessons and great things about riding a horse that will help you make the decision. An no matter what, always wear a helmet when you're on a horse.

1 You Can Imitate the Talent Effect

So how many times have we read that boys like girls who are talented in some way or the other? But what if you aren’t sporty or creative? Simply being able to do something he can’t do will resonate the same way with him, so... Thank me later.

2 You Can Have Some "Me" Time

There are different kinds of meditation and we’ve all looked into their many benefits but it seems a difficult habit to cultivate. Well, I’d settle for some alone time riding through a ranch on a horse any day. For me, this is one of the best reasons to take up horse riding.

3 Regal Posture

Horseback riding strengthens your core because it’s an isometric exercise. Do it enough times and voila, you’ve corrected that annoying hunch you’ve been hoping all these years no one’s noticing.

4 Bye-bye to Being Klutzy

The quicker the horse moves, the more difficult balance becomes. Riding develops coordination and balance significantly, so after some time, you’ll definitely be less ‘accident prone’.

5 Bust That Belly

Your core muscles will be strengthened without you having to do much. Your thigh and pelvic muscles too.

6 Get a Healthy Heart

Your heart beats faster during a challenging ride. The challenge could be in the speed of the horse or the terrain, but either way, it will do great things for your heart.

7 You Make a Friend

Your connection with the horse you’re riding is definitely significant. You two communicate, you build trust. It may seem weird but don’t knock it before you try it, yes?

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