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4 Reasons Why You Should Give More Compliments More Often ...

By Vinta

There are lots of reasons to give more compliments. Don’t you feel great when you get a compliment? Why not spread that joy to more people? It only takes a few seconds out of your day and benefits everybody - both the person who you gave the applause to and yourself as well! Here are the best reasons to give more compliments.

1 It’s a Fun and Easy Icebreaker

Want to make a good impression on somebody you’d like to be friends with? Nothing is better than telling them you like their style, and it just might make you a new friend in the long term! In fact, a new friend is one of the best reasons to give more compliments.

2 It Makes the Other Person Feel Great

Of course it does! Everybody likes to know that they have great taste. Don’t you get a little more spring in your step once you’re hard work getting ready in the morning is reaffirmed by the world? You can easily give that feeling to somebody else too, simply by giving them a compliment!

3 It Makes You Feel Great

You get to make somebody’s day a little bit better just by giving them a compliment, as well as seeing the smile on their face when it happens. It feels amazing to be a positive influence on the world, and to know that you’re a part of it makes your day a little bit better as well!

4 What Goes around Comes around

The more you give, the more you get. If you become a person who gives compliments freely, so freely will compliments will be given to you.

Go out and make the world a better place! Have a great day!

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