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I have four fish tanks in my house - one in each of my kids' room and an extra in one of them. My scientist son has a big tank and a Betta tank while my other two each have a Betta tank. The thing I love about fish tanks is that they are soothing to watch so they help my kids fall asleep at night. Plus it teaches them responsibility as they care for their swimming pets. No matter why you want one, these are some to strive for.

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Totally Different

stage,disco,nightclub,games,rave, Via Wishful Thinking.✨
This has to be one of the coolest fish tanks out there. It has a unique and fun shape, but you'll need to be sure you buy fish that don't need plants to live.


The dazzling disco-themed aquarium takes a cue from the vibrant and energetic nightlife scene. With bright lights and a creative backdrop reminiscent of a dance floor, this tank will surely be the center of attention in any room. However, it's vital to consider the well-being of your aquatic pets. Opt for species that thrive in dynamic environments and don't require natural vegetation for hiding or enrichment. The right fish will shimmer and shine, just like the disco lights, offering a spectacular show day and night.


Fish Tank Tables

furniture,room,living room,table,floor, Via Bedroom
Probably not the best thing for a house with kids, but really awesome for your living room.


Fish tank tables are an innovative way to bring a beautiful and unique piece of furniture into your living room. Not only are these tables aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a great way to bring aquatic life into your home. Fish tank tables are typically made of glass, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be round, square, or rectangular, and they can be placed on the floor, on a table, or on a shelf.

Fish tank tables are not only a great way to add a unique and beautiful piece of furniture to your home, but they also provide a great way to bring aquatic life into your home. Fish tank tables come with all the necessary equipment to keep your fish healthy and happy, including a filter, heater, and light. Depending on the type of fish you choose, you may also need to purchase food, decorations, and other supplies.

In addition to providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, fish tank tables also provide a great educational opportunity for children. Watching fish swim around in their tank can help children learn about aquatic life and the importance of taking care of their environment. It can also help them learn about the importance of taking care of their own health and well-being.


Shower Wall

room,property,house,interior design,floor, Via Celebrities With Amazing Fish Tanks
You could lounge in a bath and watch your fish or hang a shower curtain and create an aquatic retreat.


Fish tanks provide a unique and fascinating way to decorate your home. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also provide a soothing and calming atmosphere. One way to add a unique twist to your fish tank is to use a shower wall. This can create a beautiful aquatic retreat that is both visually pleasing and calming.

Shower walls are a great way to create a unique and interesting environment for your fish. The glass walls provide a clear view of the tank, while the tiles add a modern and stylish touch. You can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns to create a custom look that will fit your home’s decor. Additionally, the glass walls will help keep the water temperature regulated, providing a comfortable environment for your fish.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, shower walls also provide a great place to lounge and watch your fish. The walls provide a great spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of your fish tank. You can also hang a shower curtain to create a private space for yourself and your fish.


Random Jars

perfume,distilled beverage,lighting,glass bottle,glass, Via Play Room for Ali Landry's ...
If you have any random vases or glass containers lying around, they make perfect tanks for Bettas or goldfish.


Random jars are a great way to create a unique fish tank for the aquatic lover in you. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a great home for fish like Bettas and goldfish. With the right care, these tanks can provide a safe and healthy environment for your fish.

When setting up a random jar tank, make sure to use a container that is made of glass or acrylic. This will ensure that your fish has enough space to swim around and that the water is properly filtered. Additionally, be sure to use a lid to keep your fish safe and secure.

It is also important to consider the size of the tank when selecting a container. Bettas and goldfish need a minimum of one gallon of water per fish, so make sure to choose a jar that is large enough to accommodate your fish. Additionally, you should provide plenty of hiding spaces and decorations for your fish to explore.

You can also use live plants to create a more natural environment for your fish. Live plants help to oxygenate the water and can provide a great hiding spot for your fish. Additionally, live plants can help to keep the water clean and clear.


For Your Dog

play,dollhouse,outdoor structure,wood,cage, Via Went to my local vet ...
Who says your dog can't enjoy his own fish tank. Build him this dream doghouse and he'll love you forever.


Imagine pampering your pooch with a cozy retreat featuring an aquatic twist. Construct a charming, rustic doghouse complete with a small, safely enclosed fish tank on one side. It's like bringing a piece of the serene underwater world right to your furry friend's resting spot. Delight in their curiosity as they gaze at the gently swimming fish, providing them with endless entertainment and you with the joy of knowing you've made their day a little more special. Create a soothing environment for both your dog and the fish with proper care and maintenance, giving your pet a unique way to relax and stay engaged.


Wall Tanks

product,goldfish,glass, Via NEW! WALL MOUNTED FISH TANK ...
Hang these cute little tanks on the wall to keep kids and pets away from your fish and to save space.


These chic wall tanks are not just practical; they are also a statement piece for any room. Imagine your goldfish swimming at eye level, framed like a living work of art. It's a conversation starter that merges pet care with interior design. Plus, the tanks are a breeze to maintain and install, ensuring that your home remains stylish while your aquatic friends stay happy. Choose from various shapes and sizes to fit your decor and fish needs.



room,furniture,bed,mural,bed sheet, Via pinterest.com
Instead of the same old headboard, install this beauty and you'll never want to get out of bed.


Imagine drifting off to sleep under the tranquil gaze of colorful fish swimming mere inches from your dreams. This isn't just any headboard; it's an aquatic escape, a living piece of art that adds a soothing ambiance to your bedroom. The gentle movement of the fish and the soft gurgling of water will create a serene environment that encourages relaxation and peace. And the best part? Every morning you'll wake up to the mesmerizing sight of your underwater friends, making each day start as magically as the last ended.


What Time is It?

interior design,art,lighting,design,glass, Via Mia camera da letto ideale
Instead of just having a clock, get a clock that has a fish tank underneath.


Fish tanks are a great way to bring a little bit of nature into the home. They can provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere and can also be a great conversation starter. Not only that, but they can also make a great addition to any interior design.

For those looking to make a statement, a fish tank with a clock underneath is a great way to go. Not only does it add a unique and eye-catching design element to the room, but it also serves a practical purpose. The clock can be used to tell the time, while the fish tank provides a tranquil and calming atmosphere.

When choosing a fish tank with a clock, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the size of the tank needs to be taken into account. The larger the tank, the more fish and other aquatic creatures can be added. It is also important to consider the type of fish that will be kept in the tank. Different species require different levels of care and maintenance, so it is important to choose the right type for the tank.


My Hanging Goldfish Bowl

glass,window,lighting,flower,drink, Via My Hanging Goldfish Bowl
What a cute idea for a bathroom or kitchen where you don't have tons of space.



aquarium,display device,freshwater aquarium,screenshot,FANDOM, Via Video Games
No matter what your thing is, you can likely theme a fish tank around it.


Fish tanks are a great way to bring life and beauty to any room. With a themed fish tank, you can take your décor to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of video games, movies, or sports, there’s a fish tank out there for you. Different themes can include custom decorations, backgrounds, and even live plants that match your interests. With a themed fish tank, you can make your aquarium stand out and give it a unique look. Additionally, themed fish tanks can be customized to fit any size tank, so you can find something that fits your space.


Dividing Wall

property,room,living room,home,interior design, Via otterine.com
This half wall tank is a good way to separate a room while still leaving it a bit open.


This half wall tank is a great way to create a unique and visually appealing feature in any room. It can be used as a partition between two rooms, creating a sense of openness while still providing some privacy. The tank itself can be filled with a variety of colorful fish, corals, and other aquatic plants, creating a stunning centrepiece and a great conversation starter.

The tank is easy to install and can be customised to fit any space. It can also be used to divide a large room into two separate sections, providing a sense of balance and creating a more intimate atmosphere. The tank can even be used to divide a large living room into two distinct areas, allowing for more seating and a more comfortable vibe.

The tank also provides a great opportunity to showcase a variety of fish and aquatic plants. Not only does it provide a beautiful focal point in the room, but it also helps to purify the air and provide a healthy environment for the fish.


Treasure Chest Fish Tank

man made object,furniture,chest, Via YEAR END CLEARANCE --"Little Treasures" ...
This would be a fun tank for a child's bedroom or a basement game room.


Built in

window,lighting,glass,ceiling,tik, Via 37100 | Postris
If you don't have room for a big tank, think about having one installed in a wall. Cool, right?


A wall-installed tank not only saves space but adds a captivating design element to any room. It's like a living, breathing picture frame that infuses tranquility and wonder. Imagine colorful fish gliding peacefully behind glass as you unwind from your busy day. Plus, there's an added bonus: these tanks can serve as natural room dividers, creating separate zones in an open floor plan. So why settle for ordinary when you can have an aquarium that's both a focal point and a functional piece of your home decor?


Giant Salt Water Fish Tank

blue,swimming pool,underwater,FunOnTheNet, Via Airows
I don't have the house for this, but wouldn't be awesome if you lived in a mansion?


Imagine stepping into your living area where the centerpiece is a breathtaking saltwater aquarium, extending from floor to ceiling and teeming with colorful coral reefs and exotic fish. The sheer scale of such a tank transforms it into a living piece of art, mesmerizing guests and providing a tranquil oasis in your home. Sure, it's extravagant and a conversation starter in its own right. Having such a luxurious aquatic display is not just about aesthetics, it's about creating an immersive experience in marine life, right within the comfort of your own majestic abode.


GumBall Fish Tank

man made object,lighting,lantern, Via fab.hardpin.com
A thrift store find can be a great receptacle for your fishy friend.



tree,green,plant,botany,bonsai, Via Geeky : Home/Office/Work space/Bathroom decore ...
I love how the plants are growing right out of the tank.


Bar Tank

freshwater aquarium,aquarium lighting,aquarium, Via aquariumgroup.co.uk
If you have a bar in your house, what could be cooler than a fish tank bar?


River House

property,swimming pool,lobby,bar,restaurant, Via Fish Tank in Floor
I can't say I'd be able to create this in my house, but I would love to have it!


River House is an amazing home concept that allows aquatic lovers to enjoy a unique living experience. This home features a stunning fish tank built into the floor, making it a unique and eye-catching feature. The fish tank is surrounded by a luxurious lobby, bar, restaurant, and swimming pool.

The lobby area of the River House is designed to be a comfortable and inviting space, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day. The bar area features a full-service bar with a wide selection of drinks, snacks, and appetizers. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals from around the world, making it a great place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. Lastly, the swimming pool is a great spot to take a relaxing dip and enjoy the sun.

The River House also features a state-of-the-art security system, ensuring the safety of its occupants. The home is also equipped with a wide range of amenities, such as a gym, spa, and sauna. Additionally, the home is equipped with a variety of modern technologies, such as high-speed internet and audio/visual systems.


Car Front

car,vehicle,automotive exterior,bumper,aquarium, Via BIG BOY & GIRL TOYS ...
I don't think you could drive this car anymore, but what a cool way to hang on to it if it stops working.


Huge Fish Tank

aquarium,painting,mural,lighting,window, Via Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, ...
If you have a huge house, this would be a perfect accessory. It reminds me of something I'd see in a restaurant.


This 20-gallon fish tank is perfect for larger homes and can be used to create a stunning feature in any room. It is made from high-quality materials and features a beautiful mural, lighting, and a window, making it a great addition for any aquarium enthusiast. This tank is sure to be the centerpiece of any room, providing an eye-catching display that will be sure to impress. It is also easy to maintain and can be used to create a beautiful and unique environment for your fish. With the right care, this tank will provide years of enjoyment and relaxation.


Bird Cage

wall,house,window,interior design,wood, Via 11 Alternative Uses For Birdcages
Nestle an old bird cage in your fish tank for a fun new place for your pets to play.


Huge Glass

wine glass,stemware,glass,lighting,wine, Via Animals
You can sometimes find these huge glasses at home goods stores, and what better home for your Betta?


These huge glasses are perfect for housing a Betta fish. They provide plenty of space for the fish to swim and explore, and the glass walls are transparent so you can easily watch your fish. The glasses also come with a lid, which helps keep your fish safe from predators and also keeps the water temperature stable. Furthermore, the glasses are designed to be easy to maintain, with a simple cleaning process. As a bonus, the glasses come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can customize the look of your fish tank. With these features, these huge glasses are perfect for any fish tank enthusiast.


Water Slide

painting,modern art,mural,aquarium,tie, Via Ella's Animal Pictures
I'd like to know where this is so I can take a few rides down it.


Wedding Cake

wedding cake,white,food,cake,dessert, Via Fish Tank Cake_02
For fish lovers, a tiny fish tank on your wedding cake is a fun idea to share your passion.


Awesome Presentation

bottle,vase,glass bottle,glass,lighting, Via Self-Washing Fish Tanks : NoClean ...
This tank is different, but so classy!


This article showcases 46 unique and inspiring fish tanks that are perfect for the aquatic lover in you. From traditional tanks to more unconventional options, there is something for everyone. One standout tank featured is the NoClean Aquarium, which is self-washing and eliminates the need for regular maintenance. This tank is not only functional, but also adds a touch of class to any room with its sleek and modern design. It is a perfect example of how fish tanks can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are a seasoned fish owner or just starting out, these tanks are sure to inspire and impress.


Kids Tank

purple,pink,product,lighting,JACQUES, Via Interior Design
What kid wouldn't love having this tank in their bedroom?


The vibrant blend of purple and pink hues creates an enchanting underwater scene that's both soothing and whimsical—perfect for a child's imagination. Not only does it serve as a glorious centerpiece, but it also doubles as a night light, softly illuminating the room with the magical dance of light across the water's surface. This tank offers a peaceful retreat after a busy day of play, inviting dreams of grand underwater adventures. It's a treasure trove of visual stimuli that can encourage a love for aquatic life and a calming bedtime environment.


Bathroom Wall

room,property,swimming pool,bathtub,bathroom, Via freshwater/saltwater fish & aquariums
This tiny tank is perfect for adding personality to your bathroom.


Reused Liquor Bottles

Absolut Vodka,distilled beverage,drink,alcoholic beverage,liqueur, Via Fish tank
Repurpose empty liquor bottles as a tank for small fish.


Outdoor Fish Tank

man made object,furniture,backyard, Via Aquariums & Fish tanks
Wouldn't this look awesome in the garden? Of course it would have to come in during the winter.


Imagine having a serene water feature with lively fish as your garden centerpiece, beautifully integrating nature with entertaining design elements. In warmer months, it becomes a conversation starter among your guests, basking in the beauty of shimmering scales under the sun. But remember, as temperatures drop, your finned friends will need a cozy indoor space to thrive, as intense cold can be harmful to them. The tank's move indoors can also bring a piece of your garden's tranquility inside, brightening up your home during the colder season.


Sink Tank

green,sink,glass,plumbing fixture, Via July 2008 - Super Cool ...
What a totally awesome idea for a bathroom that isn't like anyone else's.


This vibrant green sink isn't just a statement piece; it doubles as a haven for your finned friends! The transparent glass allows for a clear view of the aquatic life inside, making your daily routine feel like a visit to an underwater world. With this fixture, you're turning an ordinary bathroom necessity into a conversation starter, melding functionality with an appreciation for marine beauty. It's a creative twist that encourages us to think outside the box when it comes to home decor and pet habitats.


In the Shower

color,yellow,art,interior design,design, Via unique iron headboard in guest ...
Installing fish tank in the shower would be a sure fire way for me to never get out.


The article showcases 46 unique and creative fish tanks that cater to the aquatic lover in all of us. It features various designs and styles, from traditional glass tanks to more unconventional ones like a fish tank in the shower. This particular design, featured in a guest bedroom, adds a unique touch to the space and creates a relaxing atmosphere for guests. However, it may not be the most practical choice for everyday use as it could make it difficult to get out of the shower. Nonetheless, it is a visually stunning addition to any home and shows the endless possibilities for incorporating fish tanks into interior design.


Fish Tank Shoes

footwear,shoe,product,outdoor shoe, Via Fish Tank Table: Eye Catching ...
This would be a fun tank for a teen boy's bedroom.


Bar Decor

room,interior design,display device,aquarium, Via Custom Aquariums for Your Crib ...
Whether you're opening a bar or putting one in your house, this is a totally fun idea.



furniture,art,interior design,lighting,wood, Via trishknight.com
A tank in your stairwell is sure to get all your guests talking.



product,food,flowerpot, Via Fish Tank Table: Eye Catching ...
This is essentially a playground for fish and yours are going to love it.


Archway Tank

mural,window,interior design,estate,arch, Via Picasa Web Albums - Tropicana ...
Could there be a more magnificent entrance than this arched tank?



product,plumbing fixture, Via 1 APRIL
I don't know where you'd get this tank, but it's really cool.


Guitar Fish Tank

guitar,musical instrument,plucked string instruments,acoustic guitar,string instrument, Via Macho macho man
I like how it leans on the stand, but you'd have to be really careful not to kick it or tip it over.



mural,swimming pool, Via Dare to Dream
I think it would be so relaxing to have this in my bedroom.


A Little Bit Hidden

blue,glass,window,AQUARIUM,ROUP, Via Fish tanks
Tucking a fish tank under the stairs is a fun idea for smaller spaces or for a little surprise.


In the Ceiling

room,property,living room,ceiling,interior design, Via pinterest.com
I have no idea how this works, but I love it. What do you think?



The image in this paragraph showcases a unique and creative way to incorporate a fish tank into a living room design. The ceiling-mounted tank adds an unexpected element to the room and can serve as a conversation starter for guests. It also saves valuable floor space and can be a great solution for those with limited square footage. This type of tank requires special installation and maintenance, but the end result is definitely worth it for aquatic lovers. Additionally, this design can be customized to fit any style or color scheme, making it a versatile choice for any home.


All Glass

leisure centre,architecture,daylighting,ceiling,floor, Via 10 Crazy And Outrageous Aquariums
This tank really enhances the glass look of the space.



man made object,wood,product,art,furniture, Via Funny Fish Tank
An old barrel and some glass come together to create this cool looking fish tank.


Blender Base

cup,small appliance,lighting,drinkware,mug, Via Items similar to Fish Bowl ...
As you can see, you can pretty much use any glass receptacle as a home for your fish.


Mason Jar Fish Tank

flower,flower arranging,floristry,art,lighting, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
It looks like it would be pain to feed this guy, but the unique presentation can't be beat.


The Mason Jar Fish Tank certainly is a statement piece in any room, combining rustic charm with a touch of whimsy. While it appears compact and perhaps a touch impractical, it offers a unique home for smaller fish, creating a delightful focal point. Care should be taken to ensure the tank is suitable for the fish's needs, balancing aesthetic appeal with the well-being of your aquatic friend. Remember, creative doesn't have to mean complicated when it comes to feeding and maintenance.


Cute Bubble

red,lighting,vase,bottle,glass, Via InteriorDesign-Center.com: The Leading Interior Design ...
It looks likes it about to roll off the shelf. These unique tanks are some of the best kinds.

Do you have a fish tank? Did these pictures make you want one? I am inspired to put one in my basement game room!

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#28 Would think this goes without saying, but this is an awful idea. Not only would the fish get stressed being in a space that small, but you would also need to change the water constantly, and would probably not be maintainable and kill the fish. Also, if the fish grows, it may be stuck in the bottle. If you are looking for this sort of aesthetic, try placing the bottle in a larger tank(Just make sure your fish won't get stuck in it or place a cap on it).

How would you feed the fish in #18??

#24 If you truly like fish, then you wpuld never do this!

#8 wonderful i like it what this price?

#9 love this! Any idea where I can find ..umm.. the hanging piece ?

What is the cost

#26 when all the fish are dead.

Cool stuff!!

#29 where can I find a similar outdoor like that in the photo above

Fishes need oxygen either from real plants or from a bubbler i thought.. and it looks like some of these have neither

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