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I don't know about you, but I think throw pillows are such an easy way to jazz up couches, chairs and beds. You can find them in a range of prices, so you're sure to find the one that fits your budget. There are so many ways to arrange throw pillows too, so you can mix and match them in new ways all the time to quickly and easily change the entire look of a room. Get inspired by these fabulous choices and let me know how it works out for you.

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Castle in the Background

Castle in the Background Via The Lights Throw Pillow by ...
This is one of my favorite throw pillows because it has a Disney feel that makes it perfect for a girl's bedroom.



Monogram Via Monogram Throw Pillow Cover - ...
Getting a custom pillow with your initials in monogram form is a fun accessory for your bed.


Wrapped Bows

Wrapped Bows Via Shopgirl: Pink and Gray Bow ...
Bows wrapped around your pillow give it new life. The great thing is that you can switch colors anytime you want to.


Beach Decor

Beach Decor Via Beach Decor Photography Pillow Beach ...
If you're going for a beach theme, this is a great pick.


Color Scheme

Color Scheme Via Orange Gray Decorative Throw Pillows, ...
For a large arrangement of throw pillows, it's a good idea to stick to a color scheme to keep things from getting to busy.


Retro Camera

Retro Camera Via Teal retro vintage phone Throw ...
What a great conversation piece this would be.


Floral Print

Floral Print Via THROW PILLOWS 20x20 Orange Teal ...
A floral print works in so many color combinations.


Beauty and the Beast Inspired

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Via Beauty and the Beast-Inspired "Be ...
A Disney princess enthusiast will love this throw pillow.


World Map

World Map Via World Map Urban Watercolor Throw ...
This watercolor print map of the world is absolutely stunning. What do you think?


Vintage Ferris Wheel

Vintage Ferris Wheel Via Ferris Wheel Photography Pillow or ...
You won't see this pillow anywhere else, which makes it great for your bed or couch.


Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather Via Plume - Throw Pillow - ...
Peacock feathers are super trendy right now and this pillow fits the bill just right.


Make a Wish

Make a Wish Via She's a Firecracker Throw Pillow ...
Some see it as a weed, others see it as a wish. Which category are you in?


So Loved

So Loved Via Throw Pillows | Society6
What a great sentiment to share with visitors to your home.


Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Via Up Throw Pillow by Derek ...
I love how whimsical this pillow is. If you liked the movie, "Up," you'll love this one.


Big Bang Quote

Big Bang Quote Via that's my spot graphic throw ...
Anyone who is a fan of "The Big Bang Theory" on television will know what this pillow means.


Geometric Pattern

Geometric Pattern Via Graphic Throw Pillow Cover
The colors and pattern on this pillow make it perfect for matching with many other pillows.



Ocean CORAL Via THROW PILLOWS 16x16 CORAL Throw ...
These would be great in your beach house, but they also work in many other spaces.


Retro VW Bus

Retro VW Bus Via Aqua Sprinkles - Throw Pillow ...
This would be super cute in a teen's bedroom.


Gathered Throw Pillow

Gathered Throw Pillow Via gathered throw pillow - delia ...
What a fun way to give a neutral pillow some personality.


Gold Polka Dots

Gold Polka Dots Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
The gold polka dots on the burlap background are perfect.


You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine Via You are my sunshine nursery ...
I love this pillow for a nursery or toddler's bedroom.



More CORAL Via Outdoor THROW PILLOWS 12x18 or ...
What great colors on this pillow.


Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer Via thefabguide.com
Can you think of a throw pillow any more fabulous than this one? Me either.


Love Quote

Love Quote Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Perfect for you and your other half's bed, wouldn't you say?


Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata Via Throw Pillows | Society6
Are you singing the song from Lion King? I am.


Mint and Coral Chevron

Mint and Coral Chevron Via Original Mint & Coral Chevron ...
This pillow is trendy and the colors look great together.


Chevron and Monogram

Chevron and Monogram Via Monogram Throw Pillow from sedroc ...
The combination of chevron stripes and monogram on this pillow is just about perfect.


Modern Bohemian

Modern Bohemian Via Sukan / Organic Modern Bohemian ...
What do you think of this great collection of woven pillows?


Peony Outdoor Throw Pillows

Peony Outdoor Throw Pillows Via Peony Outdoor Throw Pillows. | ...
What a great addition to your backyard space. I love them!


Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor Fabric Via THROW PILLOWS SET of 2 ...
Cover some old throw pillows with outdoor fabric and you have something comfy for your backyard chairs.


Ornate Elephant

Ornate Elephant Via Ornate Elephant Throw Pillow by ...
I can't think of a place where this pillow wouldn't look stunning.


Same Shade

Same Shade Via Blue Pillow Covers, Decorative Throw ...
It's fun to pile a bunch of pillows with different patterns, but the same colors, next to each other.


Mint Elephant

Mint Elephant Via Mint Elephant Throw Pillow by ...
I love how the color of the elephant really makes it stand out against the background.


Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Choosing neutral colors makes it easy to toss a bunch of pillows together in one place.


Kelly Green Metallic Gold or Silver Monogram

Kelly Green Metallic Gold or Silver Monogram Via Monogram Throw Pillow Cover - ...
The metallic monogram really makes this pillow stand out.


Arrows Throw Pillow

Arrows Throw Pillow Via dirty arrows Throw Pillow by ...
The arrows are cute and sure to start many conversations.


Victorian Gothic

Victorian Gothic Via Victorian Gothic Decorative Throw Pillow ...
The pattern on this pillow isn't overwhelming, but it is pretty awesome.


Hello Sequins

Hello Sequins Via Throw pillow cover 16 or ...
How cute would this be on a foyer bench?


Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors Via CHEVRON THROW PILLOW Covers Grey ...
The colors in this collection of pillows go so well together.



GOLD HEART Via GOLD HEART Throw Pillow by ...
If you're like me and love shiny things, you will adore having this pillow in your home.


Wooden Grain

Wooden Grain Via Throw Pillow Case/Cover, nature photography, ...
It pretty much looks like the real thing, doesn't it?


Native American Pendleton

Native American Pendleton Via Items similar to Native American ...
This pillow is fun and it looks really soft.


Burlap DREAM

Burlap DREAM Via Burlap DREAM Throw Accent Pillow ...
I like how the color of the letters really pop against the burlap background.


Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via Colorful Floral Chevron Throw Pillow ...
You can get away with this much color because they are the same in both prints.


Navy Blue Willow

Navy Blue Willow Via Decorative Pillow Covers Accent Pillows ...
This is such a whimsical pillow to adorn your living room couch with.



Orange Via THROW PILLOWS Set of 2 ...
Who wouldn't love orange accents when they look this good?


Red and Blue Nautical Anchor

Red and Blue Nautical Anchor Via Reversible Red Blue Nautical Anchor ...
There's nothing I don't absolutely love about this pillow!


Soothing Colors

Soothing Colors Via Reassurance Throw Pillow by Caleb ...
This pillow will relax you with its calm colors and pattern.



Voyages Via Voyages over Edinburgh Throw Pillow ...
This pillow is just so much fun! Where would you put it?


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Via We're All Mad Here Throw ...
Anyone who loves the classic tale of the white rabbit will love this pillow.


Big Polka Dots

Big Polka Dots Via Gold Polka Dots Throw Pillow ...
Polka dots are simple to pair with many other patterns.



Compass Via Compass Throw Pillow by Zach ...
This unique compass pillow is one that none of your friends are going to have.


Mixed Patterns

Mixed Patterns Via Barbara Barry Poetical in Grey
Look how all the patterns still look so good with one another.


Modern Tangerine

Modern Tangerine Via Modern Throw Pillow - Tangerine ...
The pattern and color of this pillow makes it so wonderful.


Turkish Kilim Pillow

Turkish Kilim Pillow Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
These pillows would look great on a gray or tan colored couch.


Gold Sequin Chevron

Gold Sequin Chevron Via Gold Sequin Chevron Throw Pillow ...
This pillow pretty much speaks for itself. Gorgeous, isn't it?


Orange, Turquoise and Green

Orange, Turquoise and Green Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
What a fantastic color combination. They work wonderfully together.


Line Them up

Line Them up Via Throw Pillows – Home Decor
A whole line of pillows looks just as good a pile of them.



White Via A Good Yarn
These white pillows look stunning against the wood of the bench. I love how cozy they look!


Black and White Triangles

Black and White Triangles Via black and white triangles Throw ...
The neutral colors mean you can pair this pillow with lots of other ones.


Mod Guitar

Mod Guitar Via Guitar BW Throw Pillow by ...
A little bit rock and roll, am I right? This would look cool in a boy's bedroom.


Song Quote

Song Quote Via If I die in Raleigh ...
It's fun to custom order a pillow with lyrics from your favorite song.


Coral and White

Coral and White Via Coral Quatrefoil Throw Pillow
I love the pattern and the color - it's really sophisticated and beautiful.


Infinity Love

Infinity Love Via Infinity Love
I think this would make a perfect wedding gift.


Owls in Autumn

Owls in Autumn Via Owls in Autumn Custom Throw ...
This pillow is so cute! I think it would be great for a kid's bedroom too.


Plain Gray

Plain Gray Via Gray
Perfect for rounding out your pile of patterned throw pillows.


Fun Pattern

Fun Pattern Via cryyp Throw Pillow by Spires ...
I like how the colors aren't overwhelming and the pattern is so eye-catching.

Do you have a ton of throw pillows? I love to heap them all over the place. Which one is your next purchase?

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