7 Inspiring Career Quotes ...

Some of my all-time favorite career quotes are those that not only apply to my professional goals, but also to life in general. Need a little inspiration of your own? Here are just a few career quotes that compel me to work hard, stay positive and pursue my dreams.

1. Sometimes, I Have to Remind Myself That I Don’t Have to do What Everyone else is Doing

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By far one of my favorite career quotes, this message reminds me to stop constantly comparing myself to others and simply focus on making the decisions I know are right for me. I personally haven’t chosen to follow a traditional career path, and I also haven’t worked a typical 9-to-5 office job in the past couple years. While people do on occasion look at me like I’m crazy, this quote helps me remember that just because a certain work style might not be appealing to someone else, it can in fact be the perfect fit for me.

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