9 Important Times to Call Instead of Text ...


9 Important Times to Call Instead of Text ...
9 Important Times to Call Instead of Text ...

Texting is quick and easy, but it's not always the best way to communicate. When you need to contact someone, sometimes it's better to call. Of course, the argument over when to call instead of text depends on each individual case. As a general rule, there are certain times when it's more appropriate to actually call someone instead of just sending a quick text.

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After a First Date

Whether it's later that night, the next day or whenever you choose to contact the person again, it's better to call them. Think about it this way. Both of you are probably anxious to find out how the other felt about the date. A text doesn't give you any real clue. There aren't any vocal cues. A phone call lets you instantly hear how the other person really feels. Plus it's a little more intimate as you get to know each other.


Delivering Bad News

I personally think it's just in bad taste to deliver bad news through a text. I've seen far too many people break up via text. It's more respectful to simply call the person. Otherwise, a text sounds too blunt and makes it seem like you don't care at all. Even if you don't really care, bad news is a time to at least pretend like you do. You only have to talk a few minutes. Besides, it'll make the other person feel a little better.


Asking Someone out

For this one, it's actually best to do it face to face, but if you can't, calling is much better. You want to make a good impression when you ask someone out on a date. Sending a text message is like saying the person isn't important enough for you to waste time calling them. Just imagine how lame that date is going to be. Show someone they're important by calling and they might just be more likely to say yes.


When You Need Immediate Answers

Sometimes you need answers quickly and people aren't responding to texts. A phone call always seems more urgent while texting is considered more casual. If you've texted and don't get a response, try calling. This will let the other person know what you need is important and they'll get back to you quicker if they can.


If You Haven't Spoken in a While

When you lose touch with someone, the best way to reconnect isn't through a text. A text letting the person know you're back in town is fine. After that, give them a call. It's easier to catch up, laugh and make plans through a good old fashion conversation. It's much more friendly and gives you a chance to better connect with the person. Besides, you haven't heard their voice in a while and call gives you that chance.


When You Don't Want Proof

Watch any reality court show and you'll quickly see how texting comes back to bite you. If you want to say something, but don't want it memorialized in a text, call the person. Of course, if you do want proof, a text is great. If you're angry or possibly making promises you can't keep, you don't want the other person having proof against you later. Basically, if it's something you might regret, don't text it.


When Others Don't Understand

No matter how many abbreviations and emojis you use, it's sometimes hard to get your point across when texting. Instead of trying to deal with the confusion, or worse yet, autocorrect, call the other party. It's much easier to call instead of text if you need to explain something complicated. Trust, it's also far faster and less frustrating.


Dealing with Secrets

If you're dealing with anything you want to keep secret, don't text. Perhaps you're planning a surprise party for your significant other. Do you really want them to pick up your phone and find all the plans via your text history? Think of calling versus texting in this instance like clearing your browser history when shopping online. It keeps your secrets safe until you're ready to share.


For Important Discussions

If you need to discuss anything serious, calling is always best. For these conversations, you really want to be able to hear the other person's voice. For instance, maybe you're ready to tell someone how you truly feel about them and want to know if they feel the same. A text isn't good enough. For any important or potentially long discussions, always call instead.

The art of a real conversation is often lost as many people prefer to text instead of call or even talk face to face. However, there are times when you need to actually talk to someone. Believe me, calling isn't a bad thing and it might just be more productive than texting. When you do prefer to call instead of text?

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