Important Things to Know about Hugging Etiquette in the #MeToo Era ...


The past couple of years have seen an incredible amount of progress in the fields of consent awareness, sexual respect and discussion of limits and boundaries. I’m sorry that the #MeToo movement came about because of the vile crimes committed by figures of power in both the celebrity and non celebrity world, but I am glad that we are now in a place where these things can be openly talked about and considered. We are now more aware of human physical contact and this raises all sorts of questions including greeting with kisses and hugging. You might not have given much thought to hugs before – we’ve always seen it as a nice thing to do, but maybe we need to be more conscious. Here is a guide to hugging etiquette in the dawn of the #MeToo era.

1. Know Your Crowd

Here’s the thing, hugs can be completely different and mean completely different things depending on who the person being hugged is. For example, you should probably have no qualms about hugging your best friend or a close family member, but in a different setting, the same hug can feel totally different. Basically, don’t hug your boss or your employees or your colleagues just because that something you do at home: respect their boundaries and build a rapport first.

Hug Back