The Psychology behind Gossip ...

Gossip, it’s something we all do, something that we all love, but equally something we hate when it is happens to be about us! Some people call it a curse of the modern world, whereas others call it one of the oldest social activities of humankind. You can argue both sides of that equation, but something you can’t argue is that you have gossiped a time or two in your own life! Here is the psychology behind why we love to gossip so much!

1. Policing Behaviour

In society, gossiping can be seen as a way of policing people’s behavior without getting official about it. Something you do might not technically illegal, but when word starts to get around that you have done it, the rumor and gossip mill will start and through sharing their words and stories, people put a judgment on your actions that often ends up prohibiting you from doing it again.

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