7 Important Things to Keep within Reach during Summer ...


7 Important Things to Keep within Reach during Summer ...
7 Important Things to Keep within Reach during Summer ...

It’s hot, it’s humid, the sun is up, the sunglasses come out, you know IT’S SUMMER and there are those certain things to keep within reach! It’s that time again. Summer has arrived and it’s time to change up those items that you keep at arm's each. Instead of snow goggles and snowsuits, it’s now time for sunglasses and bathing suits. No matter where you may go, sunscreen should be constantly applied and a water bottle should be on deck. There are just those necessities and things to keep within reach during the summer season.

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Sunscreen is SO important to have immediate access to during the summer. Sunscreen protects you from those harmful UV rays that come from the beautiful sun. Even if you decide to sit in the shade or do not plan on going to a pool or beach, apply sunscreen. Luckily, with all different preferences these days, there are different smells, different SPFs, and all different brands to choose from! You never know when or how long you’ll be outside catching those rays, so sunscreen is just one of those things to keep within reach.


Ice Cold Beverage

Have a chilled refreshment that will quench your thirst and keep you hydrated during the summer season. I prefer a freezing bottle of water. I feel like a cold bottle of water always satisfies me, but if you’re at a pool party or not a big fan of water, possibly go with a fun fruity drink or a sports drink. Smoothies and protein shakes are also amazing drinks and meal supplements to grab on your way to the beach! With all of the heat and humidity that comes along with summer, it’s very important to keep your body hydrated and intact.



Nothing boosts my confidence more in the summer than a fabulous pair of shades. Whether it be a typical aviator, rectangle shape lenses, or circular lenses, whatever makes you feel beautiful is what you should wear this season. There are different colors of frames and lenses to help bring color into your outfit throughout the summer. Not only are sunglasses a fashion statement, they also protect your eyes from the severe light given off by the sun. With a pair of cool sunglasses, you’re able to keep your eyes young as well as boost your outfit.


Beach Chair

Always have a beach chair or a lounge chair easily accessible. You may be invited to a last minute beach trip or a pool party. There are a variety of styles of beach chairs, so find the one that suits you best. Some beach chairs are long, some short, some lifted, some closer to the sand, some striped, and some with no type of pattern. Whatever your preference may be, go out and get it! You never know when a friend will call to go on a last minute beach trip or a lounge out by the pool. Summer is filled with unexpected and adventurous opportunities.


Colorful Nails

I am such a fan of fun and funky nail colors. Summer is the perfect time to play with your nail colors. If you’re into purple, a creamy lavender is perfect; if you’re into blue, try an ocean color; whatever color scheme you’re into, go with the brighter, bolder, and bigger version! It’s summer, so why not just go for it? No color is too much during the summer. If you’re nervous as to your color matching your seasonal wardrobe, a nice white or a metallic will match almost everything and anything. Dare to be different with your nail lacquer!


Bathing Suit

A pool party, a casual swim, a trip to the beach, a vacation to a gorgeous tropical island; no matter where you end up, a bathing suit is vital! There are so many options when it comes to bathing suits that there are no excuses as to why you cannot find a suit to carry around that you love. Once you purchase that special one, keep it with you during the summer months. Switching up your emergency bathing suit will keep the season fun and interesting when taking either a mini trip or a big vacation. Put the snowsuits away, and bring the bathing suits out!


“Little Beauty Bag” by Bloomingdales

This pouch is perfect for all of your must-haves during the summer. My “little beauty bag” is filled with a sunscreen stick, chapstick with SPF, Aloe Vera, nail polish (you never know when your nails may chip!), a pack of gum, and sanitizer. Without this little bag, everything would be thrown into my huge purse and essentially I would not be able to find anything. With this incredible pouch, I’m able to keep all of my necessities together so that they can be easily found in my huge bag, and everything is neatly placed inside the smaller bag. Get organized and keep the important items all together.

Trying to keep up with the seasons, especially in New York, is not so easy. I never know when it’s going to rain, shine, snow, or hail. To always be prepared, each season I change and rotate what I feel is needed in my everyday bag. Now that it is summer, I always have a bottle of water on me, a cosmetic bag filled with sunscreen sticks and SPF lip balm, and my sunglasses. If I’m spending the day outdoors, every so often the sunscreen comes out and the chapstick is reapplied. It might seem neurotic, but so necessary! What is near and dear to you throughout the summer season?

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