How to Fake a British Accent and Sound 🔊 Totally Brit 🇬🇧 ...

Pretty much everyone agrees that British accents are the sexiest accents on the planet. If you weren't fortunate enough to be born in a location where the accent is used, then it's probably hard for you to fake it. Of course, you can always train your brain and tongue to speak in a different way. It just takes time, patience, and knowledge. If you want to sound as sexy as you feel, here are a few ways to fake a British accent:

1. Pronounce "U" as “Ew”

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It's time to train your mouth to move in a different way than it's used to moving. After all, most words are going to be pronounced differently when you say them in a British accent. For example, when you say certain words, such as "stupid," you should pronounce the "u" like "ew." You should do the same with words like "duty" and "snooty."

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