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How to Deal with Immature Friends for Drama-free Relationships ...

By Jessica

We all have them in our lives - friends who are attracted to drama or inevitably bring it themselves. It's not fun to be around immaturity and often times the offender doesn't realize they are acting inappropriately! Fortunately with some practical tips, you can keep your friendships (and sanity) and remain drama-free as well! Keep reading!

1 Walk Away

One of the best ways to avoid drama when it occurs is to simply walk away. Immaturity is often times synonymous with drama, and if you want to avoid being pulled into an uncomfortable situation, simply remove yourself. Kindly state that you don't want to be involved before leaving - most friends will support you in being responsible and respectful.

2 Stay Calm

If you're in the midst of immaturity, it can be so easy to get worked up yourself and act defensively. It's human nature after all. But instead of getting upset, sit back, listen, and stay calm. An easy way to diffuse a situation fast is to be a calming presence!

3 Be a Source of Wisdom

Strive to be the person people seek out for wisdom and advice. To do that you first need a reputation of being mature, confident and trustworthy. You will automatically attract people who are mature themselves and if drama happens to make its way into your presence, stop it in its tracks by sharing your insights and wisdom!

4 Be Kind

Everyone loves a kind heart and most would seek out this attribute in a friend. Our nasty selves can come to the surface if we're not careful to tame it, especially when feeling personally attacked. Make it a point to be kind as kindness leads people to change for the better!

5 Don't Gossip

Gossip is poisonous. It always feels good in the moment to talk bad about someone who may actually deserve it. The reality, though, is that no one likes a gossip because they can't be trusted. What's stopping a gossip from spreading negativity about you? I also believe that whatever you speak about a person, whether good or bad, tends to follow them- so speak good things as much as possible!

6 Talk It out

Confrontation is not fun but sometimes very necessary. If you've been personally offended or affected by immaturity, then you need to confront the offender. People can be truly unaware of how their actions have hurt others so it's important to be honest about it so it doesn't happen in the future!

7 Know when to Let Go

There comes a time when immaturity and drama happen again and again from the same person. When all other measures have been exhausted, it may be time to let go and leave the friendship. It's always sad when you need to cut people out of your life, but it can also bring great health and peace and perhaps a hope of future reconciliation.

I hope for all of us that immaturity and drama-filled situations are few and far between! With a little preparedness, it can be defused quickly and respectfully. Would you ladies care to share any experiences and/or advice?

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