Girls Guide 📘 on How to Be a Good 👍 BFF 👭 ...

Every girl should know how to be a good BFF. Being a BFF does not take rocket science. However, it does take a little TLC. After some good research, I found what I would like to be as a BFF and hoping you would like to be the same. Everything from care packages to gratitude is included. Read on for further ideas on how to be a good BFF.

1. Make Time for Them

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It is important to show your friends that you want to be around them and that you are taking time out of your schedule to be with them. This is one of the best answers for how to be a good BFF.

2. Be Happy for Them Even when You Are Jealous

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It is not all about your hurt feelings. It is about their happiness.

3. Sometimes, It is Hard for Us to Cry Alone

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When having difficulty, having someone you can really let your pain out with can be invaluable.

4. Ask Yourself What You Have Done for Them Lately

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Do you generously lend your time and care?

5. Show Gratitude

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Think about how it makes you feel to help someone who shows appreciation versus someone who does nothing. Give what you can, including thanks, and you will be sure to find karma in your favor.

6. Pump up the Positive

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Cheer for and support each other. Try something new together and take plenty of photos! Publicly and privately affirm each other.

7. If You're Long-distance, Send Care Packages

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Maybe a framed photo of the two of you, a candle, a favorite book or a CD.

8. Be Yourself

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This is what makes you best friends.

So, which tip was your favorite? Have you learned anything from this article?

Although we are not in elementary school anymore, there are still those cliques of girls that we just want to be a part of so bad. But then, think of that girl that has been there all along, and you will know that you have that best friend that YOU can be a best friend to in return.


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