The Importance of a Girl Having a Best Friend ...

By Pinky

The Importance  of a Girl  Having a Best Friend  ...

You probably know all about the importance of a girl's best friend. She came into my life, assassinating my judgments, proving my instincts wrong. She didn't storm her way into my life, nobody can ever just invade anyone's life, slowly and gradually just like the cool breeze calms one’s minds, she became the most pivotal part of my life.

She shared her deepest, darkest secrets with me making me feel worthy about myself. She was the first one who made me feel special, made me feel important in someone's life, in HER life. She made me think about her, made me kept following the suit of this phenomenal relationship.

One conversation with her would just make my teething troubles appear meager. She was an upswing in my nosediving life. When I was drowning in dark, she was the only light in the vivid hues of my stark.

Nobody could even get a word out of my stubborn mouth, everyone just believed this false facade of "I am fine", but she was just different, she figured something was off with my just one reply to her over a chat. She provided me complacency when the rest of people made me immune to emotions.

She remained to be my companion even when she was gone. My entire life is just a series of flash in a pan, failed friendships, but she made me believe in true bondage by clinging to me in the darkest and most vulnerable phase of my life.

We are not 'meme buddies', we don't keep stories captioning our love for each other because our affection and bond is far deeper and ingrained than these useless things.

Our friendship can put "Chanoey's" one to shame, nobody knows how invariably connected our souls are because we both of us do believe that people ruin great things. I am glad of the fluke that lead us to this because the day I cried on her shoulder and she consoled me with nothing, but just a warm hug, I knew, I could take a bullet for this amazing, outstanding, benevolent person.

I don't know what that is, that keeps pulling her to me, but I am glad she loves me for who I am and not for who I had become during the catastrophic, destructive phase of my life. Unequivocally, she will be my incessant fruition of our friendship.

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