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The ABCs of Being a Fab BFF ...

By Leiann

You may or may not be a BFF. If you are, the following may be a good refresher course on the ABCs of being a BFF. If you aren't, this video will help out. What is so cute about the video is that it is from a guy's point-of-view with a pink background showing. He made it easy for us girls to understand. No drama. We girls tend to be emotional creatures. So, without delay, here's a video on the ABCs of being a BFF.

CourtneyRevolution, March 22, 2016

Be honest.
Don't try to impress.
Show gratitude.
Don't expect anything for your friendship.
Text or call simply to say "hello".
Be loyal.
Be there in ups AND downs.
Love them for who they are.
Treat them how you would want to be treated.

Do these tips make sense to you? Hopefully. Basically, they are the ABCs of being a BFF. To some extroverts, these may sound simple. However, there are some introvert gals out there reading this who need a little pep talk, having no social support.

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