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The Truth about Growing up No One Tells You ...

By Kristen

Here's the truth about growing up. Grown up. Big kid. Adulthood. As a kid, we all imagine what it must be like to be an adult. I could be anything I wanted to be: a lawyer, a doctor, a professional athlete. I had aspirations of being a doctor for a little while, then I made it to high school science and vowed to never take a science class again. (I said the same thing about math and took math and/or statistics every semester of college.) I saw growing up as very linear: graduate from college, get a job, work hard and make some money, get married, have kids (I do want those things). But, here's the truth about growing up.

Turns out, though, it's not linear at all. Like many after 2008, I graduated from college without a job. I managed to string a few jobs together until leaving for the Peace Corps, but mostly I just lived off of my savings. Then I came home from Jamaica thinking that my Peace Corps experience might actually mean something, but no one really cared. Instead, I lived at home with my stepmom and went back the teaching skiing--the same job I did before I graduated from high school. Talk about morale being low.

I guess I am an adult now. I live in a house with roommates and am (mostly) financially independent. But, is it the vision of being an adult I had when I was little? Definitely not! I am an aspiring entrepreneur who is still piecing jobs together to keep a roof over my head and fund my random adventures and hobbies.

If you could tell something to your 28-year-old self, what would you say? Comment below.

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