Here's a Proof That Mother Nature is Stronger than Any Man ...


Here's a Proof That Mother Nature is Stronger than Any Man ...
Here's a Proof That Mother Nature is Stronger than Any Man ...

It seems like we're constantly hearing about how humans are wrecking the planet, but have you ever wondered what the world would look like if we did just step away for a while? Here are a few photos that show Mother Nature can make a comeback, in a lot less time than you think, to reclaim a bit of her world back.

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The Piano

insect, wood, beehive, bee, membrane winged insect, If you abandon something made of wood, it's amazing how quickly nature will reclaim it.



habitat, tree, woodland, natural environment, forest, What happens if the trash we leave isn't organic? Nature will still take over, growing all around it.


Train Tunnel

flower, flora, plant, botany, land plant, This is so gorgeous! I want to travel to France and take pictures here.


Mall, or Aquarium?

Mall, or Aquarium? We've seen aquariums at malls, but this deserted mall has BECOME an aquarium.



habitat, vegetation, tree, natural environment, ecosystem, This moss-covered building used to be a mill.



man made object, tree, plant, woody plant, outdoor structure, How amazing is this? Nature took over an old Ferris wheel, and it looks... gorgeous. Almost like art.



color, blue, house, wall, room, This is an abandoned mining town in Africa.


Another Tunnel

tunnel, transport, darkness, light, infrastructure, This is another train tunnel in France... this one looks like it might still be in use!


Ghost Ship

canal, river, waterway, reflecting pool, moat, If this old ship isn't haunted, well, it should be.



iron, art, track, outdoor structure, flooring, This is fascinating, how the roots of this tree are burrowing into the space between the pavers, growing into those sharp angles.


Train Station

property, estate, jungle, outdoor structure, cottage, This used to be a train station in Abkhazia... look at the medallions on the ceiling, and those gorgeous columns!


Cooling Tower

green, wall, urban area, grass, reflection, Is this still in use? I don't think so. It's an old nuclear power cooling tower in Belgium. Wow!



Ta Prohm, hut, ruins, wood, jungle, This tree has completely taken over an old structure in Cambodia. I wonder how long before the building is completely obscured?



property, screenshot, cottage, shack, backyard, Can you imagine what this abandoned hotel room must have looked like before? Now the Trip Advisor rating would be... well, not good.



highland, hill station, mountainous landforms, geographical feature, green, This used to be a fishing village in China. I'd still live here, though... would you?


Train Tracks

habitat, track, tree, soil, forest, There hasn't been a train through here in so long... look how tall that tree is!


Mens' Room

green, tree, urban area, house, wall, This is just fascinating... and there's a joke in here about "nature calling" somewhere, but this is just really kind of beautiful, isn't it?

Have you seen other pictures that show Nature taking over after humans have left? Please share!

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