10 Helpful Tips on How to Keep Your Purse Organized ...


10 Helpful Tips on How to Keep Your Purse Organized ...
10 Helpful Tips on How to Keep Your Purse Organized ...

Do you know those women who have a perfectly organized bag, who look like they could easily teach a class on how to keep a purse organized, while your purse is looking less than perfect? I know I’m guilty of having a messy purse, you can find anything from silverware, a small pharmacy, a plethora of non-perishable snacks and random office supplies — so I know what it’s like to have everyone in line stare as you feverishly dig through your purse to find your rewards card! Keep reading for 10 easy tips on how to keep a purse organized!

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Keep It Clean

This step in how to keep a purse clean sounds so obvious but you can’t just stop at cleaning it out once! Make it a bi-weekly or weekly ritual and keep at it so you’re not left with crumbs, old gum and receipts from last year and that half-empty water bottle from the gym last week! Did you know that for optimal health, your purse shouldn’t weight over three pounds and you should rotate the shoulders/sides you wear your bag daily.


Empty Pockets

If you want to keep your purse clean, not only do you have to keep your bag free of miscellaneous items and trash, but you’ve got to put things in their place. If you have enough loose change in your purse to buy a large iced coffee, you need to consolidate your things! Store your change or singles in a piggy bank at home or get a cute coin purse to keep quarters handy for laundry or parking meters and keep it in your car console.


Lighten Your Load

I like downsizing so this next step in how to keep a purse organized involves swapping full-sized items for travel size and making the contents of your bag much lighter. Tote only travel-sized beauty products and small items that you need so your bag isn’t overwhelmed with items that you’ll use after work at the gym or things that you can stow someplace else.


Reassess the Contents

This tip in how to keep a purse organized sounds very similar to the previous tip but I’m encouraging you to reconsider what you carry around all the time and determine if you really need it. Do you need 10 shades of nude lip stick along with those big lotions and body sprays? What kind of emergency would constitute a need to tote around 5 different pens, multiple chargers and nail polishes? Give your shoulders a break and pare down on the extras!


See the Light

For those ladies who use purses with a dark lining, an easy way to keep your purse clean and neat is to put in a lighter fabric inside to cover up the dark colored lining to make it much easier to find things in your purse and avoid making your purse the black hole. If you don’t like the idea of another lining in your bag, consider grouping things together to make them easier to find.


Use What You’ve Got

Keeping your purse clean means using all the resources you already have such as zippered compartments, pockets and separators that your bag came with and use them! Even if your purse came with teeny tiny compartments, you can probably find something that you need to access on the regular that you can stick in there!


Get Professional Help

If you have problems keeping your purse clean despite your best efforts, consider getting help from a pro such as getting a purse organizer! These nifty little guys fit easily into most purses and have tons of compartments to keep all of your necessities easily accessible! Search online or DIY to find an organizer at a lower price.


Avoid Card Overload

These days, everyone and their dog has a rewards club or special savings card that you need to carry around in order to maximize your savings but it’s tough keeping your purse clean when you’re carrying a million cards around! Look for apps on your smart phone that allows you to store all of your cards and info on your phone so you don’t have to worry about lugging around an extra wallet just for rewards cards.


Gather in Groups

One of the easiest steps in how to keep a purse organized is to gather up like items together in your bag. Keep all of your makeup, hair accessories, gum and snacks and medication all in its separate plastic bag so it’s easily found and you won’t have to worry about loose pills or broken bits of granola getting all over your bag and staining it.


Make It a Habit

The final tip on how to keep a purse organized is to make a habit of going through your purse periodically so that you won’t have a huge chore that you dread doing. Don’t wait until you switch purses out to do this, try doing it every other Sunday evening so you have an organized purse for the start of the work week. Everytime you go through your bag, make sure you throw things out and take out things you don’t need.

The main thing I learned about how to keep a purse organized is that it’s not difficult or time-consuming, it’s just easy to use your purse as a small piece of luggage to haul everything around in! Don’t be like me, use these tips to keep your purse light, clean and super organized!

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