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10 Ways to Organize on a Budget ...

By Lauren

Have you been wanting to organize your home for a while but haven't because you don't have the money to spend on all the things you need to do it? Well, by making the dollar store your new favorite shopping destination and reusing things you already own, there are tons of cheap and easy ways to organize! That's why I'm giving you these 10 Ways to Organize on a Budget in order to give you some organizing motivation!

Table of contents:

  1. Organize electrical cords
  2. Label electrical cords using bread ties
  3. Ice cube trays for storage
  4. Cork board as a jewelry organizer
  5. Repurpose shoe boxes
  6. Shower hooks as bag holders
  7. Cupcake wrapper organizer
  8. Plastic bag holder
  9. Use shoe racks in the kitchen
  10. Reuse coffee creamer bottles

1 Organize Electrical Cords

Tired of having a box filled with cords that are tangled up and hard to find? By using a shoe box and some used toilet paper rolls, this is the cheapest way to separate all of your cords for easier access! Plus it will force you to go through your cords and get rid of ones that you have no idea what they belong to.

2 Label Electrical Cords Using Bread Ties

With technology becoming such a huge part of our lives it can be hard to distinguish all of your cords when they're plugged in. Sometimes you need to unplug something you aren't using in order to plug in something else. By using bread ties you can label all of your cords so it's easier to know what each belongs to.

3 Ice Cube Trays for Storage

Instead of buying an expensive jewelry box, try using an ice cube tray. It's a great way to separate all your different earrings and rings. Ice cube trays can also be used to organize the inside of your desk drawer. You can separate your paper clips, thumb tacks and push pins cheaply and easily!

4 Cork Board as a Jewelry Organizer

Another great way to organize your jewelry is by reusing an old cork board and some push pins. This way you can easily see what jewelry you have and what piece would go best with what you're wearing. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, almost any type of jewelry works!

5 Repurpose Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are one of the best things to use when organizing on a budget. All you need to make them look nicer is some wrapping paper or drawer liners. Wrap the base and lid in your favorite design and you have a gorgeous storage box for a quarter of the price of buying one at the store! Use them to store keepsakes under your bed or to hold hats or belts in your closet.

6 Shower Hooks as Bag Holders

You don't need to go out and buy an expensive handbag hanger from the store when you can get a pack of shower curtain hooks at your local dollar store! Just attach them to your closet's pole and hang your favorite bags for easy viewing and access. Plus shower curtains come in all different colors and styles to help you brighten up your closet! Another idea is to use them to hang long necklaces you may have or even belts.

7 Cupcake Wrapper Organizer

Use a spaghetti jar or used straw holder to hold your cupcake wrappers. Not only is it a great way to organize but it's also an adorable way to decorate your kitchen! You can even use a Pringles can which may not be as pretty but you can wrap the outside in your favorite wrapping paper or drawer lining paper.

8 Plastic Bag Holder

An empty tissue box is a great way to store all of those plastic bags you've been stockpiling under the sink. Attach your new tissue box plastic bag holder on the inside of your cabinet door to have it out of site and easily accessible!

9 Use Shoe Racks in the Kitchen

The possibilities of using an over the door shoe rack (besides the obvious) are infinite! Use it over your pantry door to organize snacks, put it in your linen closet to organize your cleaning supplies or even hang it in the bathroom to organize your shampoos and soaps. Of course you could just use it for what it's made for (shoes) but where's the fun in that!

10 Reuse Coffee Creamer Bottles

There's no need to buy expensive storage containers if your a big coffee creamer person. Just reuse the containers! They can be used to store all sorts of things like candy, snacks, and baking goods. Another thing you can use are mason jars which will give your kitchen a vintage feel.

Having to organize on a budget is really a great way to be creative. There's no need to spend tons of money on storage bins and racks when you can just make your own! What creative ways have you come up with to cheaply organize your home?

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