7 Helpful Tips for Mailing Baked Goods in Care Packages ...


Tips for mailing baked goods are great to have on hand if you’re planning to send a care package soon! Receiving a box of home-baked cookies in the mail is a fun surprise for anyone, but only if they arrive fresh and tasty. Below are a few ideas for ways you can ensure that your treats arrive to their destination nearly as fresh as you sent them off! Please keep reading to learn my fabulous tips for mailing baked goods!

1. Package It Right

One of my best tips for mailing baked goods is to make sure you package them up correctly. I like to double up. Put your baked goods into a Ziploc baggie. Make sure you press all the air out and seal it totally. Next, transfer bag and all into a plastic airtight container with a lid. Seal tightly and place inside mailing box!

Add a Slice of Bread
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