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7 Writing Tips for Bloggers to Remember for Every Single Post ...

By Heather

Most bloggers know how important it is to post often, but there are other writing tips for bloggers to be aware of too. Entering the blogging world five years ago was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and for others. Blogging gives you a way to show your thoughts, struggles, and triumphs with the world in a wonderfully unique way. It also allows for us to learn from others, who are either in similar shoes that we are, or whom we can learn other things from. Blogging also comes with great responsibilities, and including writing responsibilities. Your blog is a direct mirror of your writing capabilities, so it’s very important to showcase it in the best light possible. These writing tips for bloggers can be easy to implement, but should be priority above traffic hits, number of posts, or number of comments you get. Using them in every post will ensure more success and more traffic, over time.

1 Be Genuine

When you begin blogging, one of the most important writing tips for bloggers is to be 100% genuine. Use your own voice and opinions, not someone else’s. People sense genuineness, even through online format. Your readers will come back to hear YOUR voice, not someone else’s you think they want to hear.

2 Spell Check

I don’t mean the spell check feature on your computer either. You need to spell check every single post yourself, even if your online spell check tool does it for you. Many times, a word might be spelled right, but is missing a letter that changes its meaning. For instance, if I mean to type the word “your” and the “r” gets left off, I still have a legible word, being “you.” Yet that won’t make sense in a sentence and readers will notice. Always spell check yourself, at least twice after each draft.

3 Place Pictures between Words

When writing a blog post, try not place too many paragraphs without some images in between. It’s a good visual break for readers and they can get bogged down and bored with too much writing without a visual break. Pictures also make words more effective.

4 Don’t Steal Photos

Speaking of pictures, don’t ever steal photos, even if you do it harmlessly through Google Images. It’s best to use your own images, or get permission before you use someone else’s. You can also find free photo stock websites online as another option if you want, though most are rarely as good as photos you might take yourself. Another option is to link the source of each picture under each photo you use, linking back to the direct website of the photo. If you find an image on Pinterest, it’s also not free for you to use. Link back to the source Pinterest takes you to, not Pinterest directly. Stealing others’ photos is not only a copyright infringement, but could also come with astronomical fees and even a lawsuit if the owner of the photo takes it far enough. This also destroys your reputation as a blogger, which is never a good thing!

5 Use Correct Grammar

Correct grammar is essential to being a good blogger. It shows professionalism, and helps you remain educated in the eyes of readers. No one wants to read a blog with a great deal of grammatical errors. Always proofread your posts at least twice after you write a draft and then twice again after you publish it. Many times, you might catch something after it’s published that you didn’t see in your draft.


Though your blog is technically yours, and you can do and say whatever you want, you still need to be careful. Don’t use judgmental language towards a group of people or an idea that might offend a large base, or even some of your readers. You shouldn’t lie or never state your opinion, but be careful with how you say it. It’s best to be honest, but do it in a nonjudgmental way if you can, not one that will offend a large group of your readers. Remember, you want them to read your blog and be uplifted and come back for more, not turn away running and screaming!

7 Talk to Them

Yes, when you write, actually speak like you’re talking to them, not just to yourself. It’s fine to be reflective and talk about yourself of course. That’s the point of blogs, but at the end, ask their thoughts. Ask them to share things with you. Or, just write in a manner that engages them and uses words that do that, like “you” instead of always “I” and “me.” This makes blog readers feel special, and it makes your blog much more personal to them.

Above all else, write your blog for you. Don’t write things or even do things in your life because you think your readers want you to. Be genuine, honest, and be yourself! You’ll gain more readers over time by doing so, and with these tips too. Do you have any writing tips for bloggers to share?

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