7 Common Procrastination Traps and How to Avoid Them ...


7 Common Procrastination Traps and How to Avoid Them ...
7 Common Procrastination Traps and How to Avoid Them ...

We're all guilty of falling prey to those procrastination traps that so easily grab our attention! When there is a task to get done or a project deadline for work or school, sometimes it can be difficult to become motivated to get the job done. The first step in avoiding procrastination traps is to recognize what makes you personally stumble. Here is a starting list of common traps we all fall victim to and how to avoid them. Hopefully after reading you'll be on your way to a more productive you!

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Doing the "Fun" Stuff First

So many times when I'm at home and need to get important things done, I easily make excuses for doing the "fun" stuff first. For example, I love painting my nails and sometimes I will go ahead and paint them before my responsibilities are accomplished, using the excuse that it doesn't take long. I also love reading my Real Simple magazine and it can become an easy distraction. A great way to avoid these procrastination traps is to set them aside as a reward for your hard work. You'll feel much more at peace that way and you'll have something girly and fun to look forward to!


Napping for Too Long

Who doesn't love a nice nap in your free time when you're feeling the afternoon drag? The huge problem with napping is that it's very easy to sleep too long and slip into a state of perma brain fog for the rest of the day. Napping is only productive if you're incredibly exhausted and have the will power to get up after a half hour max. Other than that, it's best to avoid napping altogether for the sake of productivity and your own mental awareness.


Social Media

With the technology age we live in and considering how most of us have smart phones these days, social media has never become more of a distraction and temptation from our priorities! I love social media, Pinterest and other wonderful sites that "waste" time. However, if you know this is a huge distraction for you, simply turn off your phone, place it in another room and get to work. Another option would be to delete the apps from your phone temporarily in case you need your phone on-hand!


What's on TV?

TV is probably the worst procrastination tool out there. Hours can easily slip by without you even realizing it when you get sucked into a good movie or show! Another problem with TV is that once you sit down, it can be hard to harness the energy to get motivated again. It's definitely best to stick to TV as a reward after you've accomplished your priorities and reached your goals!


Underestimating Time

I am the queen of underestimating time. I'm usually a little late wherever I go which is the pitfall of assuming I have more time than I actually have. This also goes hand-in-hand with assuming that you can get things done in a certain amount of time when in reality it may take quite a bit more time to finish your tasks. Be totally honest with yourself when it comes to tasks and time and it's always a safer bet to overestimate time instead of underestimating it.


Poor Time Management

One life skill that all of us need to have is how to manage our time well. If you struggle in this area like I do, then know you're not alone and there are ways to combat poor time management that prove useful! First, you should learn to prioritize your tasks accordingly so that you don't end up wasting time and having to stress later. The second way to combat poor time management is to be diligent. A lot of times procrastination stems from a lack of motivation and diligence on our part. Change your mindset, acknowledge your goals, and get to work!


Failure to Prioritize

It's easy to fail in the area of prioritizing tasks, especially when there are activities that seem so much more appealing than others. Make a complete list of all your tasks and responsibilities and number them from most important to least. That pile of laundry can wait if you have a project deadline at work; hold off on painting your nails until after you wash the dirty dishes.

These are just a few examples of the pitfalls of procrastination that so easily distract us from our daily priorities! Do any of these procrastination traps trip you up when you need to be productive? Do you have any added advice on how to avoid being distracted? Share them with us!

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I make excuses to eat when I'm supposed to be studying 'oh no I've forgot my afternoon snack, better put this book down and go eat before I collapse'

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