10 Great Reasons to Be a Serial Dater ...


10 Great Reasons to Be a Serial Dater ...
10 Great Reasons to Be a Serial Dater ...

There are too many great reasons to date and enjoy the single life for you to be bummed about being single! Although there are obvious advantages to being in a relationship and the term serial dater is a bit pejorative; there are many great reasons to be single and play the field. Check out these 10 great reasons to be a serial dater and relish singledom!

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One the biggest advantages of flying solo is that you have all the freedom in the world to do whatever you want! Feel like having a weekend marathon of chick flicks or spending your summer at the pools in Vegas, no problem! One of the best reasons to date around and be single is that you can spend your time with whomever doing whatever you want.



Another positive of the serial dating life is variety. Since you have no ties to any particular person so you can feel free to date the sweet sensitive guy then switch off to the bad boy next. You can experience various personalities, dating venues and adventures without being tied down to any one person. You can learn a lot about yourself such as who you’re compatible with, what your non-negotiables are, etc. by playing the field.


Secret Single Behavior

The ladies of SATC all had their SSB and they missed it when they were attached. Regardless of whether you partake in such a ritual; another fantastic reason to date is that you’re free to eat stacks of saltines with grape jelly while reading Vogue in the kitchen or examine your pores in a magnified mirror. What you do with your down time is up to you and remains a secret.



Some ladies are able to swing being in a relationship while staying close to their girlfriends but there are many women who find it difficult to find a good balance. Being a single lady means you have the flexibility to hang with your girls and when you have time you can hang with your current suitor when you choose. Not having to worry about spending enough time with someone is another fabulous reason to date.



Not all couples share money, but another benefit of being single is that you have total control over your money. If you want to spend your entire tax refund on a pair of Loubs or save it for a rainy day, it’s really all up to you. You don’t have to feel guilty about buying expensive yoga pants and explain your purchases. Having total control of your funds is priceless and another great reason to date and be single.



Whether you have a full-time career or only work part-time, you have the autonomy to put as much or as little of your time into your job as you want. When you’re single, your only responsibility is to yourself so you can choose to spend long hours at work and take on extra projects to maintain or develop your career or just work enough to get by.


Do You

Use this time as a single lady to do you- figure out what you want do with your life and do all the things that you’ve always wanted to do. You have no restraints holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams, so do it! Volunteer in another country, go to school full-time, stalk Bieber on Twitter, whatever; the idea is to focus on yourself and what you want.


Bum around

Ok, I’m not suggesting that you make it a habit to wear PJ pants and slippers and have cake as a meal replacement, but a lazy reason to date and not be in a relationship is to be able to spend days with no makeup, hairy legs and bum around. You don’t have to worry about always looking your best and it’s no big deal if you do happen to gain weight.


Go Hard

Just the opposite of the #8 reason to date, you can also choose to go hard at the gym, the clubs, or work. There is no one to question your intentions or disapprove of what you do, it’s your life, damn it! Devote your free time to taking your fitness to another level or take some dance classes and make all the boys drool.



If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to another country or just taking an extended vacation someplace, this is another terrific reason to date. Being unattached gives you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you like without having to feel bad or worry about what your mate might be think about it.

There are definitely some good reasons to date and be unattached. Obviously you can enjoy some of these benefits even if you’re in a relationship but there are some remarkable reasons to be a serial dater and delay settling down. Stay true to yourself and be happy regardless of your status!

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Love this!!! Totally makes me feel better about being single. I love being free enough to do whatever I wish and not having to answer to anyone. Of course I crave being in love and relationship often, but if I were in it now, I think I would miss a lot of the things you mentioned. I shall enjoy single-ism while it lasts :)

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