7 Great Locations for Study Sessions That Succeed ...


Locations for study sessions are sometimes difficult to come by. Either the location you like isn’t ideal for hosting a group or you just don’t feel relaxed enough to settle in and get to work. When preparing for a study session you want your group to be comfortable with the size and ambiance of your location. The location you choose can depend on the needs of the group, and those needs often change. Below are seven of my favorite locations for study sessions.

1. Library

One of the best locations for study sessions that succeed is the library. The library is an easy option. The location is common knowledge to your group, making it pretty easy to find. Aside from the usual workstations many libraries have study rooms. Book one of these rooms in advance and request use of a whiteboard if necessary. Whether you choose to meet up at the university library or the local public library, you will find the silence and reference option tools you need. Group study rooms can get pretty stuffy, so remember to leave the door open for better circulation.

Resource Room
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