9 Great Art Forms You Should Try ...


There are lots of great art forms to try if you're looking for something new. They are more than just slapping some paint on a canvas, although painting is a beautiful and relaxing art form to try. New art forms can do more than create a new hobby; they can relax and de-stress you. Art has been an incredible journey for me from high school through my early adult years. I’m looking forward to discovering more art forms to try, and until then here are a few of my top favorites!

1. Charcoal Art

Charcoal was one of the first art forms I ever tried. Charcoal pencils are much easier to blend and smudge than regular pencils. I love drawing with charcoal pencils and I’ve discovered that you can make some really pretty and unique effects with them. Just keep a tissue or rag handy for cleaning your fingers!

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