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42 Gorgeous Pieces of Art Glass to Appreciate ...

By Neecey

Art glass refers to glass that has been worked into a form that can be considered a thing of beauty and decoration. Although art glass comes in many forms and some do have a purpose, most items are merely decorative pieces and for good reason - they are stunningly beautiful. Enjoy these pieces of art glass and you'll be wishing you had some of your own.

Table of contents:

  1. Art nouveau vase
  2. Glass chandelier
  3. Art glass marbles
  4. Amber horn
  5. Hand blown art nouveau vase
  6. "lime, ruby & aqua foglio" art glass vessel
  7. Art nouveau vase in metal armature
  8. "large flamenco vase"
  9. Art nouveau claret jug with silver plated top and handle,
  10. Chihuly glass paperweight
  11. "flat transparent banded vortex salmon florida cranberry"
  12. Glass wave
  13. April showers
  14. Murano art glass footed cranberry vase
  15. "carnivorous"
  16. Blue drop vase
  17. Dr. feelgood
  18. Purple pumpkin
  19. Art glass sculpture
  20. Koi fish and lilies
  21. "davos"
  22. Mango pods
  23. Gold dragonfly pitcher
  24. "tanega vase"
  25. "salmon sculpture"
  26. "black cherries"
  27. 1900 vase
  28. Peacock art glass
  29. "amethyst dichroic vase"
  30. Enameled butterflies
  31. Glass bird
  32. Amethyst gingko vase
  33. "goccia"
  34. Art nouveau art glass vase
  35. "garden variety teapot" in hyacinth
  36. Teardrop paperweight
  37. Jellyfish
  38. Art nouveau enameled art glass vase
  39. Glass creamer
  40. Crystal cobalt blue vase
  41. Quezal art glass vase
  42. Art glass vase with gilt bronze mounts

1 Art Nouveau Vase

Via art for arts sake

Some of the most beautiful art glass was produced in the Art Nouveau period - a time where the organic form was most revered. This was produced by the Kralik works in Bohemia.

2 Glass Chandelier


This incredible light fitting is by modern glass artist Dale Chihuly. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts describes his works as "unique"

3 Art Glass Marbles

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

West Virginian artist Eddie Seese produces truly stunning blown glass marbles - they're usually quite small, most being less than 3 inches.

4 Amber Horn

Via Via on

A beautiful nature-inspired piece.

5 Hand Blown Art Nouveau Vase

Via Art Nouveau Mucha Lady Vase

This gold embellished beauty was crafted by Czech artist Alfons Mucho II.

6 "Lime, Ruby & Aqua Foglio" Art Glass Vessel

Via David Patchen Artist Profile | ...

American David Patchen uses techniques perfected in Venice to produce his unique high colored art glass.

7 Art Nouveau Vase in Metal Armature

Via Magnificent Circa 1890 Antique Art ...

Rindskopf was a Bohemian glass producer. This vase dates to around 1890.

8 "Large Flamenco Vase"

Via Large Flamenco Vase by Thomas ...

Created by Thomas Kelly, I think he's really captured the feel of movement of the Flamenco dancer.

9 Art Nouveau Claret Jug with Silver Plated Top and Handle,

Via Art Nouveau art glass Silver ...

Iridescent colors are a major feature of Art Nouveau art glass.

10 Chihuly Glass Paperweight

Via Art Glass Heart Multicolor Paperweight ...

Paperweights are an affordable way of having your own art glass.

11 "Flat Transparent Banded Vortex Salmon Florida Cranberry"

Via Flat Transparent Banded Vortex Salmon ...

If you've got $650 you can buy this piece by Michael Trompol (he's got lots of cheaper stuff too on his website.).

12 Glass Wave

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

The composition of this is a-maz-ing. It was inspired by the ocean in Kalapana, Hawaii and created by Moe Hot Glass. (And it will cost you $1450!) They make some incredible pieces inspired by the volcanoes of Hawaii too.

13 April Showers

Via April Showers - Vase - ...

Made by Delphi from stained glass, copper and brass. Made to function as a flower vase or just to look fab-u-lous.

14 Murano Art Glass Footed Cranberry Vase


Venice glass making started in the really early middle ages but gained a great name when all the glass blowers from the city were relocated to the island of Murano in 1291 (fear of fire was the reason). The still operating factories are a major tourist attraction today.

15 "Carnivorous"

Via Fragile Handle With Care

Jason Gamrath created this eye-catching stylization of pitcher plants.

16 Blue Drop Vase

Via blue monday: caleb siemon - ...

This is the work of Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.

17 Dr. Feelgood


James Alloway is a Portland artist and has brought some innovative techniques to art glass. This uses "back painting"

18 Purple Pumpkin

Via Jack Pine Studio Hand Blown ...

I'd be very happy to have my papers kept in order with this gorgeous paperweight.

19 Art Glass Sculpture

Via Art Glass Sculpture from Kela's...a ...

Kela's Glass is made in a studio in Hawaii. This form is so wonderfully organic.

20 Koi Fish and Lilies

Via Koi Fish and Lilies SOLD ...

Cynthia Myers produces her lovely work in sand-carved art glass in California.

21 "Davos"

Via Rene Lalique, 'Davos', opalescent art ...

René Lalique is an icon among glass makers and art glass collectors. He started a glass making firm in the 1920s and they are still producing fine work today. His Art Deco pieces and glass car mascots are the most sought after. The above is from 1932.

22 Mango Pods

Via Indulgy - Everyone deserves a ...

This was made in 2011 by Robert Mickelson, a Florida glass artist.

23 Gold Dragonfly Pitcher

Via Beautiful Century

Emilé Gallé is one of the greatest names in Art Nouveau glass alongside Loetz and Daum.

24 "Tanega Vase"

Via Lalique Glass; Vase, Tanega, Clear ...

This is an example of the Lalique factory's modern work. This piece was crafted in 1988.

25 "Salmon Sculpture"

Via Salmon Sculpture by Georgia Pozycinski ...

This glass and bronze sculpture is the work of Georgia and Joseph Pozycinski

26 "Black Cherries"

Via Black Cherries by Donald Carlson ...

I am so in love with these and not just because cherries are my favorite fruit. Created by Donald Carlson.

27 1900 Vase

Via Kralik Art Glass Vase circa ...

Kralik was a Bohemian glasshouse that was a rival to Loetz and Daum.

28 Peacock Art Glass

Via vase from

Stunning colors captured in the work of Californian studio, Lundburg.

29 "Amethyst Dichroic Vase"

Via Amethyst Dichroic Vase by Ken ...

The artistry of Ingrid and Ken Hanson, a husband and wife team working in California.

30 Enameled Butterflies

Via Bohemian Moser Blue Art Glass ...

Opened in 1857, Moser is among the most collected 20th century decorative glass and the factory s still making glass today in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

31 Glass Bird

Via No Data Found

The birds of Shane Fero have realistic shapes but fanciful colors.

32 Amethyst Gingko Vase


The organic form of gingko was a series created by French glass house Daum.

33 "Goccia"

Via Goccia by Victor Chiarizia (Art ...

Sinuous and swanlike. The work of Italian-American artist Victor Chiarizia.

34 Art Nouveau Art Glass Vase

Via Loetz Art Glass vase circa ...

An awesomely beautiful iridescent vase from Loetz circa 1900.

35 "Garden Variety Teapot" in Hyacinth

Via Garden Variety Teapot in Hyacinth ...

Bob and Laurie Kliss are another pair of Californian glass artists. They describe their work as "offhand"

36 Teardrop Paperweight


The patterns the artists can crate when blowing glass are incredible - like this one by. Adam Jablonksi.

37 Jellyfish

Via Art Glass Sculpture by Chris ...

Another wonderful example of the art glass produced in Kela's Studio in Hawaii.

38 Art Nouveau Enameled Art Glass Vase

Via System Error

Attributed to Lobmeyer, a 19th century Austrian glass maker.

39 Glass Creamer

Via Antique Bohemian Art Glass, Antique ...

Moser's fine quality was extended to practical objects and dinner ware too.

40 Crystal Cobalt Blue Vase

Via Caesar Crystal Cobalt Blue Vase ...

Czech crystal glass is known for its precision cutting.



I'm so in love with the colors of this piece.



And just for the purpose of being indulgent, this is another glorious piece by Loetz.

Aren't they all beautiful? I'd have any of them! I like the antique Art Nouveau ones best - what about you: modern or antique?

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