10 Girl Power Anthems ...


10 Girl Power Anthems ...
10 Girl Power Anthems ...

Girl power anthems are for some of us girls around the world who sometimes forget how awesome it is to be a girl! I don’t know about you, but girl power anthems make me feel stronger, wiser, and confident. This is a list of songs to add to your music player and listen to when you’re in need of a little girl power!

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Run the World – Beyoncé

Run the World is the ultimate girl power anthem! This song basically says that women, well… run the world. My favorite line is when it says “Boy you know you love it how we smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business”! It amazes me how women manage to do so much, and this song definitely points it out. This is one of the most dynamic girl power anthems out there. Who run the world? Girls!


Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has released so many great songs from Miss Woman to Break Away, but Stronger is one of my favorites. This song reminds women whenever they’re going through a rough time that their situation will make them stronger. You’re never going through something for nothing.


Respect – Aretha Franklin

Yes! We are taking it old school! Even though Aretha directed the lyrics to a man, it still sends a message to women! It’s okay to ask for a little respect, because with all you do, you deserve it. When you constantly do your part, don’t settle for disrespect, especially in your own house.


Watch Me Shine – Joanna Pacitti

The first time I heard this song, I was watching Legally Blonde. It was the scene where Elle Woods gets down to business to show her peers that she can make it in Harvard Law School. After hearing this song, I even felt like studying!


One Girl Revolution – Superchick

“I'll be everything that I want to be. I am confidence in insecurity. I am a voice yet waiting to be heard. I'll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world.” If One Girl Revolution doesn’t make you feel confident and empowered, I don’t know what will. This is one girl power anthem you must add to your playlist!


Can’t Hold Us down – Christina Aguilera

This girl power anthem speaks loudly against double standards. I get so fired up when I hear this song. Quiet, loud, promiscuous, reserved, cultured, friendly, flirty, strong, thoughtful; why is it that there’s at least one bad name for women that identify with any of these categories?? Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, the man ruled society will always try to find a way to bring us down. Blast this song, and let the world…or at least your neighbors know that they can’t hold you down!


I Am Not My Hair – India Arie

Who knew a song about hair could teach so many lessons? My favorite lyrics are “Does the way that I wear my hair make me a better person? Does the way that I wear my hair make me a better friend? Does the way that I wear my hair determine my integrity? I am expressing my creativity.” As women, we sometimes pay too much attention to outer beauty, like hair, skin, and shape, and we forget that who we are inside means much more. Whether your hair is curly, straight, soft, or coarse, it says nothing about what kind of person you are. Remember that!


This One’s for the Girls – Martina McBride

I don’t really like country, but I love this song! I love that the song is intended to empower women at all stages of life. This One’s For the Girls is a girl power anthem that definitely makes you feel accepted and beautiful!


Stupid Girls – Pink

While the title doesn't seem like it's promoting girl power, the meaning does! This song lets you know that it's okay to be yourself. You don't have to act like what the media defines as sexy. Don't dumb down from being the smart, confident, sophisticated, and beautiful woman that you are to a stupid superficial girl.


Fighter – Christina Aguilera

Did you hear that song? If you did I don't have to tell you why it's considered a phenomenal girl power anthem! It's common to go through crap every now and then, but you learn and grow from it. Thank the people who put you through the storm, because without them you wouldn't have grown to be the amazing person you are today!

Girl power anthems provide a sense of pride for women of all different ages, shapes, and shades. They make you realize that being true to yourself is more important than materialism and what everyone else thinks. What girl anthems get you through the day? Share your girl power playlist.

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"Beautiful u r" by Deborah Cox has always been one of my "believe in yourself" favs.

Anything by Marina and the Diamonds and Kate Nash. They're both major feminist singers <3

Winning women by Nicole scherzinger and Rihanna Must have on ur workout playlist esp!

my fav:stupid girls-p!nk

I consider "now I'm that bitch" by livvi franc ft.pitbull a good woman power song.

I love "watch me shine" that song is permanently on my workout playlist and is heard it first on legally blonde too!! :)

Beyonce??? Really???? Oh come on!!! Se is the worst example I can think of. Pathetic!

Superwoman - Alicia Keys

You forgot 'survivor' by destiny's child

No Spice Girls? Their slogan is "girl power"!

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