7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom ...


The holidays are approaching so now is the time to start making your gift list, and if you are stumped on Christmas gift ideas for the stay at home mom in your life, then pay attention. As a work at home mom myself I know exactly what Christmas gift ideas for the stay at home mom are sure to please. So get out your pad and pen to jot down these ideas.

1. A Day off

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As mothers, our job is never done. We don’t get sick days, vacation days, lunch breaks or a salary for what we do each and every day. But the joy of being a role model to the little people that we helped to create and bring into this world is reward enough. With that being said, EVERYONE needs a day off sometimes. A day to just break the normal everyday routine, to let loose and reconnect with yourself. In my opinion a day off has to be one of the most important gift ideas for the stay at home mom. Give her a day without the kids and absolutely no chores - this is a day that she gets to do whatever it is she wants to do. So if she wants to sleep all day, let her. She wants to spend the day with her best girlfriend or a day with her favorite guy, then make it happen. She wants to stay home and catch up on her favorite show or read some steamy love stories, then that is what she shall do. To make sure that her day off happens, mark it on the calendar(s) and be sure to plan the necessary arrangements ahead of time, like calling the babysitter, setting reservations for the date, or making sure the house is tidy.

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