17 Fun Things to do with Friends in Fall ...


Just when you thought the summer season started, fall is literally weeks away and Iโ€™ve got ideas for fun things to do in fall that you can look forward to doing with friends and family! Warm weather definitely has its perks but there are tons of rad things about fall too so instead of dreading the start of school and the cooler weather, letโ€™s get excited about fall!

1. Make Drinks

Ahh, one of the first things to do in fall that I personally canโ€™t wait to do is to curl up with a hot drink and not feel like Iโ€™m having hot flashes! Youโ€™ve also gotta love the seasonal drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and hot cocoa! Instead of hitting a bar on the weekend, invite your friends over for spiked hot drinks, board games and girl talk!

Play in Leaves