9 Fun Songs to Get You Pumped for a Night out ...


9 Fun Songs to Get You Pumped for a Night out ...
9 Fun Songs to Get You Pumped for a Night out ...

I love listening to good party music when I get ready to go out and I wanted to share 9 fun songs to get pumped up for a night out! Music can really set the tone for the night and if you’ve got really danceable and upbeat music, it should get you in the mindset to dance your butt off and have tons of fun with your girlfriends! Check out this list of some of the many great songs you can play while you’re getting ready to hit the town!

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Starstrukk by 3OH!3 Featuring Katy Petty (2009)

This super fun and bubbly jam is one of my favorite songs to get pumped up for a night out! Katy Perry is just the icing on the cake on this carefree, NSA party song. Listen to this song while you’re putting on your makeup or as you’re driving to the party, it’ll get you in the mood to move and flirt! Boys beware, L-O-V-E is just another word you never learned to pronounce!


Get the Party Started by P!nk (2001)

A perennial party music favorite! Play this song as you’re trying on outfits for girl’s night so you can get psyched out to really get the party started or watch the video online before the night begins, P!nk’s shenanigans are sure to put everyone in the party mood! This song is a getting-ready-to-go-out classic and it always gets people moving!


Please Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna (2007)

Another awesome dance song to get you pumped up for a night out! This song perfectly captures a sizzling connection with a sexy stranger on the dance floor. Have you ever been out dancing and just didn’t want the night to end? I know the feeling and apparently so does Rihanna! Play this song as you’re headed to your destination and show off those dance moves to fellow drivers!


Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO (2011)

This is another one of the songs to get pumped up to that you can listen to pre-party or during your workout before the soiree! This song will get you and your friends feeling fierce and unstoppable! We all know confidence is sexy and this track will definitely make you feel as sexy as you really are! Don’t hold back, tear up that dance floor with your patented dance moves!


Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2009)

Songs to get pumped up don't necessarily have to be all about drinking and dancing! Heads Will Roll makes me think of ferocious maneaters! Are you pissed at a date or are your friends dragging you out to help you get your mind off of your good-for-nothing ex? This song is the perfect prelude to a kick ass night out dancing and spending time with the fabulous females in your life!


We Are Young FUN Featuring Janelle Monae (2012)

This song to get pumped up is a little slower and mellow, but just as effective as any other party song! We Are Young kind of reminds me of something to play after the night is over, but it’s also something great to listen to if you’re not the R&B type of gal but still like some background music to get ready to. The lyrics to this track are totally inspiring yet very lighthearted and fun at the same time!


Midnight City by M83 (2011)

This track is another mellow song to listen to while you get ready for the night but it’ll surely get you in the mindset to paint the town red! Turn up this song while you get dressed or on your way to your event, this song is so infectious and it reminds me of the Victoria’s Secret Angels commercial! Channel your inner Angel and dress to kill as you strut your stuff walking into the party, you might make some hearts stop!


It’s No Good by Depeche Mode (2006)

Definitely an older song but it’s still a great song to get pumped up to! Do you have your eye on a certain someone that you’re hoping to run into? This song is an ideal song to get you psyched to go out and get that crush! Sometimes we need a little reinforcement through music and this song can get you in the mindset to have a good time and talk to that guy you’ve been eyeing!


Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Beyonce (2008)

Beyonce hit the nail on the head with this fun song to get pumped up for a night out! Is there someone in your life who shoulda put a ring on it? Don’t be down about it, it’s their loss! Get out there and show the world that you’re a sexy single lady and you’re doing your own thing! Even if you’re happily attached, the tempo in this song makes it hard to stay in your seat!

Phew, this list of songs to get pumped up for a night out was hard to make! There are so many great songs to listen to while you’re getting ready to go out. Getting ready with friends is usually one of the best parts of the night so why not compile a list of songs to get pumped up and ready to tear up the dance floor?! What are some of the songs you listen to before going out?

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damn ... thnx.. aftr a long tym i found cool songs :))

about the most mainstream playlist I've ever heard

YEP!! some really good choices ;)

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