7 Fun Online Quizzes to Take when You're Bored out of Your Mind ...


When you are so bored that time seems to stand still, taking fun online quizzes is a great way to entertain yourself. I am so busy that I rarely get bored, but on the rare occasions that boredom creeps in I have found fun online quizzes to be the answer to the tedium of watching the clock tick. Most of the time, the quizzes I take are sent to me by friends, and I save them for when I need a little fun. These quizzes are some of my favorites, and although meant for amusement some of them are surprisingly accurate. If you are bored, these quizzes just might be the answer to your problem.

1. Best City for You

Take it: buzzfeed.com

If you are looking for a fairly short quiz, “What city should you actually live in?” is a great choice. It asks questions such as your favorite way to drink your coffee and top place to visit on your bucket list. At the end of answering these seemingly innocuous questions you will be told what city best suits you. My friends and I have all taken this quiz, and have been surprised by the accuracy of the results. In case you are wondering, I should live in Paris. If taking this quiz doesn’t end your boredom, read on for more fun online quizzes.

Musical Characters
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