7 Fun Lawn Games to Play with Your Pals This Summer ...


No more being stuck inside watching movies and eating snacks. Summer is here, which gives you and your friends the perfect opportunity to do something new. Lawn games are perfect because you can do them at home and you won’t have to spend too much money. Of course, if you don’t have a yard, you can always take the fun to a park. Here are the ones you should try this summer.

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This classic game can be played with as few as two players and as many as you have with you. Stand a fair distance apart and fling the disc from person to person. You can get competitive and keep track of who makes the most catches or you can just enjoy the sun and friendship while you toss it back and forth.


Lawn Darts

This game is really fun and it won’t require tearing up the yard to play. All you need is a lawn darts set. You’ll arrange the targets at a set point. You’ll then stand a ways back from them and take turns tossing the darts into the circles. The person with the most darts in the target is the winner. You can play one on one or divide into teams.


Relay Races

This active game is enjoyable and lets you do something competitive with your friends. You can use a baton from a sporting goods store or just pick up a good sized stick in the park or the backyard. Set up the relay with a couple of teams and decide the on the distance and the track. Now all you have to do is have fun!



If you have a couple of rackets and a birdie or two, you’re all set for a lawn game that you’ll never want to quit playing. The object of the game is to hit the birdie back and forth using the rackets without letting it fall to the ground. You’ll get to engage your competitive spirit and the laughs you’ll have with your friends will be definite memory makers.


Whether you're a seasoned player aiming for that perfect drop shot or an amateur just happy keeping the birdie in the air, badminton is a quintessential summer activity. It's easy to set up a makeshift court in your backyard — just a net and you're good to go! The game serves as a fantastic workout, so you can stay active while soaking up the sun. With every smash and rally, you'll be working up a sweat, toning muscles, and improving hand-eye coordination. Get ready for giggles and high-fives as the friendly competition heats up under the summer sky!



This is a game that will take you back to your youth. Set up four bases and a pitcher’s mound. Divide your friends into two teams. You play the game much like baseball with each person having a turn to kick and run the bases. The other team will try to get you out. Three outs and you switch. This game is so much fun!



Despite the alarmingly unattractive name of this game, you’ll find yourself having a really good time playing it. The object of the game is to get the bean bag into the target. Scoring is done based on where the bean bag lands on the platform. This is an addictive game that you will want to drag out anytime you hang with your friends.



This game is similar to horseshoes, though there are various ways to play it. You buy the set and then decide which version you want to play. This is a lawn game that can be played alone or in groups small or large. It’s definitely a good one to have on hand if you have friends over during the summer.

What’s your favorite lawn game? Will you be trying any of these fun ones this summer?

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You forgot Croquet

145. Love all those. You can never do enough sports. It is just so good for you.

We LOVE playing bean bag games in the yard!

Whiffle ball is my favorite.

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