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Every leadership position comes with drawbacks that are a challenge to deal with. Even if you hold the title of a team captain or president of a company, parallel problems arise no matter how skillful you may be. Success all depends on how you deal with every obstacle that jumps at you and how well you work under pressure. No leadership position comes easy, but that doesn’t mean that no joy comes from being in power.

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Uncooperative Members

When you are in the leadership position, things work much smoother when your team is composed of cooperative members who are eager to achieve the same goal. Oftentimes, however, you are not so lucky and stumble upon participants who are hard to deal with. At this point as a leader, all you can do is motivate others to complete their part.


Dealing with uncooperative members can certainly test your patience. It’s important to approach the situation with calmness and persistence. Try to understand the root of their reluctance and address it directly. Is it lack of clarity on the project's goals, personal issues, or a mismatch of skills? Communicate openly and encourage an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Remember, sometimes the most challenging team members can transform into strong allies once their concerns are acknowledged and addressed. Your leadership is not only about guiding the workflow but also about fostering a team spirit that can overcome internal obstacles.



Stress is an understatement when you have so many people depending on you and waiting for your guidance. Taking on the responsibility of making sure your team cooperates successfully is not an easy task. It can be mentally and physically draining because you are essentially the glue that holds everything together and everybody is trusting you to keep everything in control.


As a leader, you're often caught in a whirlwind of critical decisions, conflict resolution, and high-expectation meetings. Your mental well-being can sometimes take a back seat as you prioritize project deadlines over lunch breaks. The constant barrage of emails, messages, and calls can leave you feeling responsible for being on-call 24/7, leading to burnout if not managed properly. It's crucial to find coping mechanisms such as delegating tasks, taking short mindful breaks, or even seeking mentorship, to prevent stress from overshadowing the joy and purpose of your leadership role.


Time Constraints

With every task there is always a due date, which is sometimes harder to meet as a team. With so many people working on different parts of the project at varying paces, the task of getting things done on time is tricky. Plus many things are out of your control and you have to rely on your team members to diligently work on their assignment.


Too Many Tasks

Aside from motivating your team and keeping everyone in check, you are responsible for assigning roles, checking up on the progress, diffusing problems and dealing with extraneous tasks. It can get quite overwhelming, but with positive thinking and extra effort, nothing is impossible!


Juggling multiple tasks can sometimes feel like keeping plates spinning, as each task demands your attention and finesse. The key is to prioritize and delegate effectively. Remember, it's about working smarter, not harder. Utilizing tools such as project management software or simple to-do lists can also keep you and the team on track. Embrace your role as conductor of the orchestra, skillfully guiding each section to play in harmony. Through this, you can transform overwhelming chaos into a masterpiece of productivity.


Keeping Composure

Every leader is just another person, who can become frustrated and experience an emotional outburst. The hardest thing about holding a leadership position is keeping your composure at all times. Your team needs to know that its leader has a strong-mind and an ambitious character, so find the right relaxation technique that works best for you.


Finding Balance

As a leader you need to be relatable enough to your team members that they feel comfortable enough to come to you for help, yet you have to let them know that you are in a superior position and not afraid to condemn them for their errors. Sometimes it is hard to find a balance between both, but that’s what separates a good leader from a great one.


Finding this equilibrium requires emotional intelligence, communication skills, and a solid understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. Great leaders master the art of active listening to understand their team's concerns and tailor their mentorship accordingly. Conversely, they are unafraid to set boundaries and uphold high standards. Remember to celebrate your team's successes and be transparent about areas for improvement. This delicate balance fosters trust and respect, which in turn cultivates a positive and productive work environment.


Setting the Right Example

Using the “Do as I say and not as I do” mentality is not the most suggested way of leading a team. Your members are looking up to you for adequate support and guidance; therefore it is crucial that you set up the right example. Keeping conscious about what you say and do can get quite frustrating but that is just part of the job.

Becoming a leader of a team or a group is an honor, but it comes with its own drawbacks. While you acquire a high position, you are faced with numerous problems and responsibilities. What are some other things that frustrate you as a leader?

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Being so unappreciated and nit considerate of all a leader has to encounter on a daily basis to keep things afloat. It truly takes an humble spirit and servitude mind-set to lbs a good and efficient leader

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