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Sometimes, it can be all too easy to ignore signs you don’t like your job in favor of the grin and bear it routine. But for your own health (and sanity!), you should pay attention to that little voice in your head urging you to clear your desk and run. Here are 7 commons ways to know it’s time to talk with your boss…or start another job hunt.

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You Can’t Wake up in the Morning

This is one of the most telling signs you don’t like your job. When it takes three alarm clocks to get you to budge, admit it: you don’t want another workday to begin. And when you feel drained after getting a full night’s sleep, count it as another strike against your job. When I started my first job, I was so desperate to live on my own that I convinced myself that everything was just fine. But in fact, my body was protesting against the long commute, crappy hours, and demeaning work. So listen to it!


You Disassociate from Coworkers

Remember when you first started your job and were bubbly and bright? If you’re feeling the blues all the time, it’s probably not you –and it might not even be your coworkers! When I was unhappy in my former position, I couldn’t help but get snappy at coworkers who performed more meaningful tasks. As a result, I didn’t feel like I could relate to fellow workers.


You Won’t Take on New Tasks

This is one of the major signs you really don’t like your job. If your mind turns to mush every time you hit the office, take a good look at your position. How did you end up here? Is this where you really want to be? Is the work stimulating? If you’ve answered «no» to all of these questions, you’re simply dead weight in a desk chair. It’s time to move on!


You Can’t Complete Assignments on Time

If you’re an otherwise perfectly competent, capable woman (I know you are!), you should be whipping up assignments on time. But if you’re not, you could be overworked or those «assignments» your boss keeps forcing you to do are meaningless. I suffered through the latter, having to complete semi-necessary spreadsheets for workers in a totally different department. Ouch!


You’re Willing to Take a Demotion

One of the crystal clear signs you don’t like your job is when you can sit at your 9 to 5 desk job and daydream about serving up lattes or working a cash register. Or, in my case, running away to California (I’ve never actually been to the Golden State). If you’re thinking of being anywhere else but in your office on a continuous basis, you’re probably ready for a change. And it’s up to you to take that next step!


Complaining about Your Job Dominates Every Conversation

When I hated my job, I was hardly a ball of sunshine. Unfortunately, I managed to waste my free time pointing out my position’s every flaw. Not only is this counterproductive, but it’s also really boring and miserable for your friends to sit through. After a while, I finally realized that I could be using the time to apply for new jobs, which landed me at a company I happen to like a whole lot.


You Don’t Care if You Get Fired

When you’re looking for signs you don’t like your job, this one’s the kicker. If you see yourself dressing sloppily, taking extra-long breaks, or slipping out early, you probably don’t care if you get fired. And in the working world, that’s a huge issue. You should focus on looking and performing the best you can until your situation changes –just think of that recommendation letter!

Some jobs are great, but others… not so much. If you’ve identified with these signs that you don’t like your job, taking the next step is necessary. How did you cope with a bad job? What are some of the signs you noticed when you realized your job really wasn’t for you?

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