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8 Telltale Signs of a Bully Boss ...

By Lisa

Ever wonder if your boss is displaying the classic signs of a bully boss? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. There are tons of people who deal with brutal bosses but many of us might not be fully aware that these irrational behaviors are typical bully behaviors to be aware of. If you think you're being bullied by your boss or a co-worker, read through these 8 ways to tell if your boss is a bully.

1 Temper Temper

One of the sure ways to tell if your boss is a bully is if he/she constantly loses his/her temper and blames it on you. Bullies often get angry for no good reason when dealing with subordinates, but have no issues controlling their emotions and keeping their cool in front of their equals or bosses. Bully bosses will usually seek out someone in a lower position to be angry with and to take out their frustrations on.

2 Public Humiliation

Signs of a bully boss most definitely include picking on people in front of others and humiliating them. No matter what they say, the reason they do this is due to a problem they have with themselves and not with you. Bullies will seek out vulnerable people and take their insecurities out on them. I’m sure they’ll give you a million reasons why you’re worthy of that verbal tongue-lashing, but we all know you’re not and there is absolutely no excuse for that type of behavior, ever.

3 Stealing Your Shine

An easy way to tell if your boss is a bully is to think about whether they’ve ever tried to steal the spotlight from you. Have you ever worked tirelessly on a project only for your boss to act like it was subpar then take all the credit for it? Bullies love to take credit for the work of other people while trying to make you feel like your contributions are never good enough.

4 Left behind

If your boss has ever made you feel left out at work, that’s a red flag and a surefire sign of a bully boss! If you’ve ever been left out of a work lunch, important meeting or anything work related that you should’ve obviously been a part of, your boss could be purposely excluding you. On the other hand, if your boss has done this once or twice and shows obvious remorse, it’s most likely a mistake.

5 Running Interference

One of the most common signs of a bully boss that’s a little less obvious is when your boss always comes off as too busy to sign off on your work or provide you with the info you need to finish your work. A very subtle way to sabotage someone is to purposely hinder someone from getting things done so that your work is often late or done incorrectly. Obviously, supervisors get extremely busy, but if yours is consistently MIA when you need guidance or gets in the way of getting things done, beware!

6 You’re Constantly Worn out

We all get tired from work, but another way to tell if your boss is a bully is if you’re frequently pooped from the stress of work during the week that you can’t even enjoy your downtime! Forget that noise! Your nights and weekends are meant for you to relax, unwind and enjoy your time off, not dream up ways to put tacks on your boss’s chair and get even! Remember, taking on extra work isn’t necessarily bullying unless there’s a disparate amount of work being piled on your desk only. Bullying is more about verbal abuse, aggressive behavior and sabotage.

7 Expect the Worst

Another one of the convincing ways to tell if your boss is a bully is when your work experiences start getting so bad that you go in to work expecting the worst to happen. Have you come to expect arbitrary criticism and a constant barrage of verbal abuse? When your boss has made work such a horrid place that you wake up mentally preparing for a turdstorm, you’re definitely dealing with a workplace bully!

8 Dreadful Existence

This way to tell if your boss is a bully is somewhat similar to being constantly worn out but aside from being tired, you just hate the thought of going to work. Your co-workers are cool and the work itself is alright, but the thing that you hate the most is interacting with your boss. Lots of people would change jobs if they could, but if your thoughts are consumed by the horror of going to work and facing your boss, you’re dealing with a bully!

Did any of these signs of a bully boss sound familiar to you? Unfortunately bullies exist almost everywhere but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. There are new laws that target workplace bullying in some areas so there is progress and people supporting you. If you need help, have questions or want more information on workplace bullying, check out

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