7 Extremely Useful Ways to Deal with Negative People That You Should Know about ...


7 Extremely Useful Ways to Deal with Negative People That You Should Know about ...
7 Extremely Useful Ways to Deal with Negative People That You Should Know about ...

I know how hard it can be sometimes to deal with someone who is always being pessimistic because that unpleasant interaction can really drain all your energy and really push your patience to the limit, so that’s why I want to share with you a few very useful ways to deal with negative people. You should always consider these every time you find yourself in such a demanding situation. The truth is that nobody likes a negative person but sometimes you simply can’t avoid dealing with them, especially when they are one of your co-workers or one of your family members. Sometimes the best thing you can do to help them and to help yourself is to take some action and try to change their attitude or behavior, but since you can’t always change people, you can at least learn to control your reaction to them. Here are a few ways to deal with negative people that will help you protect yourself so that all that negativity won’t rub off on you.

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Establish Some Boundaries

One of the best ways to deal with negative people is by simply establishing some clear boundaries, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by all that negativity. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to do it, especially when one of those negative people is actually one of your loved ones. But, you shouldn’t let their behavior interact with your happiness and you shouldn’t make their problems your own.


Offer Solutions

The best way to help someone who is constantly being pessimistic and who only sees the glass half-empty is by trying to offer them some solutions to their problems. Maybe they are really facing some tough times and they feel overwhelmed, so they are not able to think clearly and see other ways to solve their problems. Give them a hand and offer them some perspective because often, negative people can’t see the big picture and they do need a little help from time to time.


Hang out in Groups

Sometimes, more people is simply better. This rule also applies when you have to deal constantly with someone who is being negative and difficult. This way, all that negative energy will be divided between you and the other members of the group and you won’t be affected too much by it.


Stick to Lighter Topics

Some people’s negativity is often triggered by certain topics, so if you know what bothers that person the most, try to avoid bringing that up in your conversation. Stick to lighter topics and talk about simple things like music, movies, places you’ve visited, anything that might lighten up the atmosphere. Avoid everything that might trigger a negative response from them and limit your interactions as much as possible.


Praise Them for the Positive Things

Since negative people tend to be as negative to themselves as they are towards other people, they simply can’t see the good in anything. So, whenever you discover something positive about their personality, about their behavior or even about something they did, praise them for it. By doing this, you’ll plant the seed of positivity in them, and you never know, it might even bloom in the long term.

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Don’t Let That Negativity Get to You!

I know how hard it can be sometimes to ignore all those negative comments, but you should at least try to deal with those pessimistic people before you decide to ignore them completely. Try not to let their negativity get to you! Use distractions and don’t focus on the hurtful things they might say sometimes, because they might not even realize how much they hurt you or how much they even hurt themselves. Offer them the support they need, yet don’t forget to draw the line somewhere.


Temper Your Emotional Response

Sometimes it can be quite hard to control your feelings towards certain people that always manage to bring you down with all their negativity. Yet, despite all that, you should still try to control your temper every time you find yourself in one of those unpleasant interactions. After all, you are a mature person who cares about other people’s well-being and just because some are not capable of seeing all the beauty in this world, that doesn’t give you the right to treat them in an inappropriate manner. Be empathetic and temper your emotional response when it comes to dealing with them!

It’s always best to surround yourself with positive people who can help you become a better person. Yet, you shouldn’t neglect or completely avoid those people who encounter problems with finding the positive in everything and who are not able to enjoy life at its fullest because they feel overwhelmed by their negativity. How do you deal with negative people? Do you find it difficult? Do you have any tricks on this matter you would gladly share with us? Do tell!

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I feel that everyone is always pretending to be sooo happy. I'm not a negative person, but sometimes I will and can show my emotions, all of them. The new trend of pretending, is what causes people to be hot heads. Teach people to your emotions, like the French, and everybody will be better off.

Very nice article

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