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Celebrate Your Single Status with These Exciting Activities ...

By Holly

Don't assume that relationships are more exciting than being unattached, because there are plenty of fun things to try when you're single. Once you enter a relationship, there are certain activities you're no longer 'allowed' to do, which is why you have to take advantage of your single status. It won't last forever, so enjoy it while you can. Here are some of the most exciting things to try when you're single:

1 Bunk with Your Bestie

Once you find your soul mate and get married, you're going to have to live with him. It's part of the deal. But right now, while you're single, you're able to live with anyone you want. Get close to your BFF by sharing an apartment, and getting to know each other even better than you already do. Or, if you were stuck in a house full of siblings as a kid, try living alone for a change. One of the most exciting things to try when you're single is living in an environment that you won't be able to once you're wed.

2 Play around at Parties

When you're in a relationship, you'll have to leave the party when your man leaves. While you're single, you can enjoy the party for as long as you wish. Go crazy! And if you see a hottie, there's nothing stopping you from making a move on him. Flirting is fun, so don't miss your chance to do so.


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3 Do Something Dangerous

Don't do something stupid, just do something dangerous. Try bungee jumping or skydiving. Go take lessons to learn how to scuba dive or swim with sharks. When you're in a relationship, your partner will worry about you, and could convince you to miss out on the fun, so be bold while you can.

4 Binge Watch What You Want

Once you're in a relationship, you're going to have to let your mate pick the movie every once in a while. That's why you should go to the movies as often as you can, and binge watch everything you're interested in on Netflix. You might not have much free time once you date, so get it out of the way now.

5 Change Careers

Switching jobs could require you to relocate, and once you find someone to settle down with, that could be a problem. If your mate has a job in New York, and you want to move to California, you're going to have to have a huge discussion. Since you're unattached, now is the time to find your dream job.

6 Experiment with Everything

You can change up your look in order to see what suits you best. Chop your hair into a pixie cut. Try wearing leather one week and polka dot dresses the next. Now is the time to figure out who the real you is.

7 Try to Travel

It's fun to travel with a mate, because you can visit romantic places and take advantage of your hotel room. However, when you travel with another person, you have to take their needs into account. If you travel on your own, you can see what you want to see, without having anyone else sway your opinion. There's no one to please, except yourself.

Don't waste all of your single years searching for a mate. Enjoy the time you have to yourself, because privacy is rare. What's your favorite part about living the single life?

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