8 Excellent Reasons Not to Judge People ...


The reasons not to judge others are things we don't often think about. We all make judgments, often without even realising it. Yet there are many reasons to stop judging people, many of which are good for ourselves, too. Let's face it, would we like to know that people are judging us? Here are some sound reasons you should stop judging others.

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Full Facts?

Whatever the reasons that have led you to make a conclusion about someone, they may be based on incomplete information. Chances are you don´t know the full story, and that there is far more going on than you realise. So, since it's difficult to learn all the facts, perhaps it's better not to make a judgment. It's much more responsible to hold off until you know everything; in fact, it's one of the best reasons not to judge people.


Nobody's Perfect

Another of the main reasons not to judge others is that none of us are perfect, so why should we expect anyone else to be? When you criticise someone's behaviour, consider whether what they have done is really so bad. You should also think about whether they have reasons to do what they've done.



Being more tolerant can be a good attribute to adopt. Perhaps you don't approve of what someone has done, but even so, unless it's something really awful, why not live and let live? Everyone makes mistakes, so accept that this is what may have happened.


Do Unto Others …

It's really not nice being judged, yet we so often do it to other people without thinking. So when you find yourself being judgmental, ask yourself how you would feel if you were the one on the receiving end? You wouldn't be happy, and you'd want people to be more understanding, so offer the same to others.


Appearances Can Be Deceptive

One of the main reasons not to judge others is that things may not be as they seem. We can think that we know exactly what is going on, and yet in reality it's quite different. Be aware that there may be plenty that you are not aware of, and that you can't know for sure what is happening.


We're All Different

Everyone is different, and just because you don't approve of something doesn't mean that nobody else should do it. Think of tattoos, for example - you may not like them, but it's not for you to say that they look horrible. Other people are entitled to do what they want with their own body. We have to stop judging others based on our own preferences.


Just Because You Don't like It …

… doesn't mean it's wrong. See the above point. We have a tendency to disapprove of things we wouldn't do ourselves, as if we define right and wrong! So try to avoid judging other people simply because they do things that you don't like yourself.


Says More about You

Finally, perhaps the best of all reasons not to judge others is that doing so can actually say more about you than it does about the person you're criticising. Do you really want people to think of you as someone who is judgmental? Ask a friend what they think, and if they say that you do tend to judge, then it's time to start being more tolerant.

There are many reasons not to judge others, so if you find that you are doing so, start to reassess your behaviour. It's not a nice attitude to have. Obviously we have to make assessments of other people, but do so based on the right reasons. Do you feel that people judge you, based on your appearance or the music you like? Let me know what you do to stop judging others as well.

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So why have laws if we are unable to judge? We never incarcerate someone without a trial and judge ,so if we cannot judge why have a court system?

#2 We never judge anyone we are not called to that we are called to love with out conditions. That what God created us for. We show love for God by obedience to His commandments. To love God with all my heart mind and soul and our neighbor as ourselves we cannot go wrong living these two commandments!

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