7 Excellent Gender Reveal Party Ideas ...


It seems like gender reveal parties are starting to take over for traditional baby showers lately! What's great about having a gender reveal party instead of a traditional baby shower is that both your female and male friends can attend. Also, instead of making a bunch of phone calls to friends and family to let them know the gender of your baby, you can have them all over to reveal the gender of your new baby together. Here are 7 excellent gender reveal party ideas to get you started with planning your own!

1. Decide if You Want to Be Surprised Too

You can either plan the party knowing the gender already and simply revealing it in a fun way to your family and friends, or you can have the party planned in a way where you can be surprised along with your family and friends. If you want it to be a surprise for you as well, have your ultrasound technician write down the sex and then seal it in an envelope. Thus, when you go to get whatever you need to makes the big reveal, you can give the envelope over to the baker, balloon filler, or whomever so they know what color to make it. Another idea is to have one of your friends or family members know the sex of the baby so they can help plan the right reveal color.

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