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17 Etiquette Tips for Making a Good First Impression ...

By Holly

It doesn't matter if you're going on a date with your crush, meeting your boyfriend's parents, or going on a job interview. No matter what the occasion is, you'll want to make a good first impression. In order to do so, here are a few etiquette tips that you should follow:

1 Stand up Straight

hair, black hair, person, girl, brown hair, You don't want to slouch when you're sitting in a chair, and you don't want to look at the ground as you're walking. Keep your back straight and your head up, so that it looks like you're actually happy to be in the room.

2 Speak Clearly

Speak Clearly You don't want to mumble. When you speak to someone, pronounce each word clearly, so that everyone can understand you.

3 Don’t Show Too Much Skin

hair, human action, person, photography, girl, There's nothing wrong with showing off your beautiful body. Of course, you don't want to walk around in a mini skirt without underwear. Dress appropriately.

4 Smile

Smile When you meet someone for the first time, you should extend your hand while smiling at them. Don't be afraid to show your teeth!

5 Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact When someone is speaking to you, look them in the eyes. If you're staring at the wall, then they'll assume that you aren't interested in what they're saying.

6 Ask Questions

Ask Questions To show others that you're interested in them, you should ask them questions about their life. Just don't ask anything that's too personal.

7 Give Compliments

Give Compliments Sucking up is underrated. Feel free to compliment their outfit, cooking, or accent.

8 Be Nice

Be Nice This is a rule you should always follow. After all, if you're nice, then others will automatically like you.

9 Show up on Time

Show up on Time If you arrive late, you'll make a bad first impression. Make sure you arrive five minutes ahead of time, instead. "If you're not early, you're late."

10 Don’t Stare at Your Phone

Don’t Stare at Your Phone You can go a few hours without looking at your phone. It's best to leave it on silent when you're out in public.

11 Don’t Point

Don’t Point Some people consider pointing to be rude. That's why you should avoid doing it.

12 Don’t Stare

fashion, screenshot, interaction, IFELLASLEEPLASTnIGHT, inewgirl, It's impolite to stare. It doesn't matter if you've been looking at someone, because they're gorgeous. That's no excuse for making them uncomfortable.

13 Avoid Fidgeting

Avoid Fidgeting It's normal to fidget when you're nervous. However, if you want to make a good first impression, then you should keep your hands folded to avoid moving them around.

14 Actually Listen

Actually Listen When someone speaks, you should listen. If you pay attention to everything they say, it'll be easier for you to think of a response.

15 Have Good Hygiene

Have Good Hygiene Before you go out in public, make sure that you wash your hair and clean beneath your nails. You don't want to look like you haven't showered in weeks.

16 Remember Names

Remember Names When someone tells you their name, try to remember it. If you use it in conversation later on, they'll be flattered that you remembered who they were.

17 Be Polite

Be Polite The best way to make a good first impression is by being polite. If you try your best to treat others right, then they should love you!

If you follow this advice, then you should come across as sweet and friendly. What other etiquette tips do you think we all should follow?

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