12 Essentials for Your Beach Bag ...


12 Essentials for Your Beach Bag ...
12 Essentials for Your Beach Bag ...

With summer quickly approaching, it's time to start stocking up on essentials for your beach bag. You want to be prepared, whether you take off for the shore at a moment's notice or plan a fun-filled seaside vacation. With a well-prepped bag, all you'll need is your bikini and your tote, then you're good to go! As you pack, just use this as a checklist to pack the most necessary essentials for your beach bag so you can have a blast!

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Never Forget the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important essentials for your beach bag. As a matter of fact, pack two kinds: sunscreen for your body and sunscreen for your face, because you need even more protection for your pretty features. Whether you use a sun cream, a gel, or spray on protection, make sure you reapply after you get wet. With your facial sunscreen, choose something that has a high SPF and acts as a great moisturizer so you can keep from drying out your skin while having fun in the sun!


Luscious Lip Balm

You also have to protect your lips from the heat, the sun, the sand, and the salt. Between sun burn and wind burn, your lips can get pretty chapped out on the beach. Choose a great lip balm that moisturizes and protects, and be generous with your reapplication. Take care of that pout!


Protective and Pretty Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren't just stylish, they're essential! You can absolutely choose a cute pair with frames that flatter your face, but make sure the lenses are fully protective. This is especially important if you're going to be reading out on the shore. You don't want to risk any sun damage to those pretty peepers, plus nothing hurts worse than getting grains of sand in your eye. Ouch!


A Stylish Wide-Brimmed Hat

To further protect yourself, pack a hat in your beach bag. It doesn't necessarily have to be a wide-brimmed hat, but it should have a brim. Go with a sun hat, a bonnet, or even a baseball cap. As long as it protects your hair from the sun and shades your face, you're good!


Hot Weather Hair Care

Speaking of your hair, you need some hair care essentials in your beach bag as well. You should never brush wet hair and you have to be careful doing much of anything to it after you've been in the salt water. You may try a wide toothed comb, although don't comb your hair unless you rinse it after getting in the ocean, even if you just use a bottle of water. Take along some hair elastics or a scarf and put up or wrap your hair before swimming; that makes it easier to keep your hair dry if you don't want to fully submerge yourself.


Water Water Everywhere

And speaking of water, it's the best drink to have on the beach! With all that sun and salt, you have to stay hydrated. Bring along a couple of bottles and drink those instead of turning to soda or other sugar-laden beverages.


Fresh Healthy Snacks

It's very common to get hungry after frolicking in the ocean, but you have to be careful about what you eat! Salty snacks such as chips or the greasy food you can get from beach side vendors will cause you to retain water and feel super sleepy. Pack a few containers or baggies of fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on instead!


A Gorgeous Swimsuit Cover

If you do want to head to a seaside restaurant or take a walk down the beach to a smoothie stand, you might want to cover up. Make sure you pack a cute swimsuit cover in your bag, too! That way you don't have to get fully dressed but you'll still feel comfortable – and coordinated!


Flip Flops for Shore Walks

If you didn't wear thongs to the beach, make sure you pack a pair. That way you can walk down the shore without getting sand in your good shoes. Plus, you won't risk stepping on sharp shells and hurting yourself. Depending on the beach, you might even want water-proof slip-ons when you go in the water.


A Fun-Filled Beach Playlist

Music somehow sounds better on the beach! Whatever music player you use, make sure you bring it along, complete with earbuds and your favorite summer playlist. Load up your phone or iPod with all the songs that make you feel ready for summer!


Beach-Ready Books and Magazines

I love reading on the beach and always make sure to bring along a thick book! You might prefer magazines, a tablet, or a Kindle, maybe even an audio book. Whatever medium you like, make sure you've got it in your beach bag so you'll stay entertained while catnapping or catching rays.


A Brilliant Beach Towel

And finally, don't forget your beach towel! In fact, you might want to bring along a couple! I recommend a big, roomy towel to spread out on the sand, plus one to dry off with and maybe wrap up in after that first dip – especially at the start of the summer, when the water's more apt to be chilly!

With these beach bag essentials, you're guaranteed a fantastic time! You'll look cute, stay entertained, and be fully protected against the sun! Are there any items that I've missed? Let us know what you absolutely have to have when you're lounging in the sand!

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Does anyone know where I could find that beach cover up? It is GORD

You forgot tampons-just in case! :-) really nice article

Great tips! :) However I kinda disagree on the lip balm. Too many articles tell me on how much lip balm actually drains the initial moisture we have in our lips after constant reapplication. Kinda makes me fear lip balm a bit :X But overall, great well written article!

Fab article, great work!

Another great thing to have is baby powder! After you get out of the water and dry off a bit you sprinkle a little bit on and it helps get all the icky sand off!


I love this article.

lip balm is a HUGE one for summer , sun drys your lips right up !

So true

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