7 Essential Types of Rugs for Your Home ...

There's just something about a rug that makes a home feel cosy and warm. Guest contributor Auberon Hayley shares some of her favorite kinds of rugs to complete your home this season.

As the temperatures start to plummet, we’re all looking for ways to make our homes feel cosier. Cold tiles and bare wooden floors are not only harsh but will do little to make our rooms inviting. One way we can change this is by introducing a rug to the room. This post will take a look at some of the essential winter rugs your home will need.

1. Runner

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When you kick off your wellies after a snowy day outside, you’ll need a warm surface for your feet. A runner is the perfect addition to any hallway, adding a really homely touch. As the hallway is a high-traffic area, it is best to avoid light colours as these will easily show any muddy footprints and other dirt. Instead, go for a deep colour that will complement your colour scheme.

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