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If you’re looking for decorating tips for small spaces, you’ve come to the right place! Small apartments and homes can be quaint and charming. They also tend to go easier on the wallet when it comes to rent payments, etc. The trouble comes when it’s time to decorate. Below are some decorating tips for small spaces.

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Think Big

Think Big One of the strangest but most effective decorating tips for small spaces is to think big. Many people make the mistake of purchasing small pieces of furniture, thinking they will be able to fit more into their small area. The thing to do, on the contrary, is to buy larger, more efficient pieces. Small pieces here and there make a room feel disjointed. The furniture may appear as if it’s ‘floating.’ Larger pieces really anchor a room and give it a solid foundation for decorating.



De-Clutter Are you a pack rat? Do you look around your place and think: “I don’t remember the last time I used that”? If you answered yes, then it’s for sure time to de-clutter your home. If you don’t see an express need for the stuff hanging around your place, it’s time to get rid of it. Do someone else a favor and donate it. Or if it’s trash…put it where it belongs. If you simply can’t part with stuff you don’t use – ever – get a storage unit to stash it in. Then that junk is out of your way but in a safe spot should you ever need it.



Organize Organized chaos is not something that works well in a small space. Papers here, laundry there, shoes piled up – it all adds up to a mess so quickly when you don’t have as much room to work with. Determine spots for things to go that you tend to throw around. Cute baskets, bins, and other types of containers should become your best friends. They are great for storing things in an aesthetically pleasing way, but make these things easy to access when you need them. Just don’t forget about the bills in that basket!


Build Vertically

Build Vertically A handy tip for decorating a small space is to think vertically. You may not have a lot of floor space, but you have as much wall space as anyone else! Shelving, racks, and hooks are all good choices for your place. Try to display your stuff in a pleasing way. Candles, picture frames, pretty trinkets – these should be on display! Don’t forget about the corners. There are a number of shelving units made just for corners that allow you to store a lot in attractive ways. Place seasonal items or the things you don’t use as often up high and everyday things within reach.


Use What You’ve Got

Use What You’ve Got Don’t store those suitcases empty! There is a ton of unused space in your bags, suitcases, and old shoe boxes that can be used to store things. Pile your winter clothes in suitcases during summer months. Use shoe boxes to organize your underwear drawer. Store dishes in a way that allows you to stack them into each other. Leave no bag or box empty. That’s prime storage space!



Artwork The best way to make any place your own, no matter the size, is with artwork. Find pieces that really speak to you. Don’t be afraid of vibrant colors or bold shapes. Place interesting pieces on the furthest wall from your front door. When friends enter, their eyes will be drawn through your whole place immediately, which makes your space appear larger. Have a few different pieces that you can change out when seasons change. This will keep your space fresh, even for you!


Be Tidy

Be Tidy A little mess in a small space appears as a big mess. Keep your place cleaned up, especially if it’s smaller. Keep cleaning wipes on hand to wipe up spills quickly and easily. Never run out of paper towels. Wash dishes every night. Always put clothes away. Don’t leave mail lying around. It can be annoying, but cleaning is much easier if it’s constant. Waiting for messes to consume your place makes for time consuming upkeep. Clean a little bit everyday and keeping your place tidy will be a snap!

Now you know how to make the most out of your small space. Do you have any tips for decorating small spaces? Please share!

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Great article!

I like the color for the chair and table.

I love the build vertically bedroom, awesome use of small space.. I want it!

I love the slide in bed idea with the desk above, you know what I'm decorating my new huge room in the attic this will defo come to mind. The splattered canvas I'm doing already. :)


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