31 Elegant Living Room Rugs to Bring Personality to Your Rooms ...


If you have hardwood or tile floors, living room rugs are an easy way to add some depth to your space while also making the entire room feel cozy and welcoming. They aren't cheap, but they sure are worth it. With so many living room rugs to pick from, you will definitely find inspiration in these choices.

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Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes Via A Thoughtful Place: A New ...
This bold black and white striped rug is perfect for any room because it has such a neutral color palette. Add this one to your list of coveted living room rugs and you won't be sorry.


Elegance in Red

Elegance in Red Via mister brightside. / sfgirlbybay
This huge fancy rug is great in rooms with earth tones because it adds a bit of pop to the space.


Grey and White

Grey and White Via Olin Grey Rug
Like the black and white one above, this striped rug is simple to incorporate into your living room.


Edgy and Hip

Edgy and Hip Via ♥ Livingroom Style
The graphics and colors of this rug combine to create something really special.


Navy Blue and Big

Navy Blue and Big Via My Home
If you have a large area to cover, this navy blue wonder is the perfect choice.


Looks like Hardwood

Looks like Hardwood Via 7 slimme tips voor een ...
I love this rug because it sort of looks like hardwood floors. Awesome!


Fit for Royalty

Fit for Royalty Via Global Views Arabesque Grey Rug
I love the pattern of this rug. It brings elegance and sophistication to any living room.


The Global Views Arabesque Grey Rug is not just a floor covering but a statement piece. Its intricate design, inspired by the ornate motifs of Arabian palaces, creates a focal point that draws the eye and starts conversations. The cool grey tones are versatile, ensuring it complements a wide spectrum of interior palettes, from stark minimalist spaces to more vibrant, eclectic settings. It's a choice that says both luxury and considered design, ideal for those wanting to infuse their space with a regal touch that's as timeless as it is contemporary.


So Cozy

So Cozy Via st.houzz.com
This rugs just calls for sprawling out and getting comfy.


The So Cozy rug featured in this article is a luxurious shag rug made of polyester, designed to bring comfort and style to any living room. The rug is part of the Aurora Borealis collection, inspired by the Northern Lights. It has a deep pile that is soft to the touch and its unique texture adds a touch of sophistication to any interior. The rug comes in a range of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues, allowing you to customize it to your own taste.

This rug is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room. It is ideal for lounging and relaxing, as it is comfortable and inviting. Its unique texture also adds a touch of luxury to the room. The rug is also easy to maintain, as it is made of polyester and is resistant to stains and fading.

The Aurora Borealis collection is designed to bring personality and style to any living room. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their home. The rug is also a great way to add a splash of color to any room, as it comes in a range of colors.


Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue Via A New Living Room Rug!
All the lovely shades of blue in this rug bring just the right amount of color to your living room.


A Touch of Turquoise

A Touch of Turquoise Via House Proud
I love how the turquoise isn't overwhelming, but it adds some character to the room.


Fits Just Right

Fits Just Right Via Rug News andDesign Magazine -
This room is massive, so the large size of this rug makes it just right.


Light and Beautiful

Light and Beautiful Via Rugs
The lighter colors of this rug makes it ideal for pulling together your furnishings and decor.


Woven Rug

Woven Rug Via Africa on the Floor
The basket weave pattern of this rug makes it something different that you'll really treasure.


This beautiful woven rug is the perfect addition to any living room. The basket weave pattern is unique and eye-catching, making it a great statement piece. The rug is made from natural materials, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The neutral color palette ensures that it will match any existing decor.

The rug is made with care and attention to detail, making it a high-quality piece. The fibers are tightly woven together, making it durable and long-lasting. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for any busy household.

The rug is designed to bring a sense of warmth and personality to any living room. The soft texture and subtle colors create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing with family and friends. It is also an excellent way to make a room look larger and more open.

This woven rug is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. It is the perfect way to bring a little bit of Africa into your home. With its timeless style and unique pattern, it will be a conversation piece for years to come.


Southwestern Inspired

Southwestern Inspired Via Amber Interior Design: DIY Cloud ...
This southwestern inspired rug is perfect for your Arizona or New Mexico living room. Or just about anywhere you live.


Classic Design

Classic Design Via Buy Lacebark-Pearl carpet tile by ...
The back and forth lines on the tiles of this rug are perfect.



Flowery Via Libelle Living: color
The flowery pattern of this rug is ideal if you want a romantic look in your living room.


The intricate bloom designs interweave with hints of greenery to create a captivating garden underfoot. A delicate yet durable statement, embrace the infusion of nature's charm. Whether coupled with minimalist furniture or a vintage settee, its timeless appeal is undeniable. Accentuate with pastel throw pillows or a vase of fresh flowers, and you've fashioned an inviting oasis for friends and family to admire and enjoy.


Bubbly and Fun

Bubbly and Fun Via Meticulously Woven Circles Geometric Abstract ...
The fun circles on this rug definitely gives it personality.



Huge Via The Beach House in "Something's ...
The sheer size of this living room rug is staggering. If you have a large room, this is the rug for you.


Intricate Pattern

Intricate Pattern Via Jenny Steffens Hobick: The Great ...
The intricacy of this rug gives it plenty of visual appeal.


Zig and Zag

Zig and Zag Via Souk Wool Rug
This rug is the epitome of contemporary and modern rolled into one.


Uneven Shape

Uneven Shape Via Unexpected Moments | Rue
This rug has a unique uneven border that makes it a fun addition to your fireplace area.


Sunny Color

Sunny Color Via | hello lovely studio
The cherry yellow of this rug helps lighten up the entire room.


Large Flowers

Large Flowers Via On HauteLook: | Esprit Collection ...
The large flowers on this rug are good for a room with minimal decor.


Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Via Before and After: Texas Loft ...
The plush diamonds on this rug makes a room so warm and cozy.


Long and Luxurious

Long and Luxurious Via jayman.com
If you have a long room, this plush rug is just right for your space.


Totally Different

Totally Different Via cococozy.com
The black and white colors of this rug totally bring together the different pattern.


Dark Tones

Dark Tones Via bloglovin.com
The darker than average tones of this rug combine just perfectly with the pattern and fringe.


Bear Skin

Bear Skin Via 20 Unique Carpet Designs For ...
It's not a real bear skin, but the asymmetrical border and fuzzy feel come together for perfection.


This unique carpet design is perfect for adding a touch of personality to any living room. The faux bear skin rug features an asymmetrical border with a soft and fuzzy feel that is sure to add a cozy atmosphere to any space. The neutral colors of the rug make it easy to pair with any existing décor, and it is sure to be a conversation starter.

The bear skin rug is a great way to add texture to a living room. Not only does it look great, but it is also incredibly comfortable to walk on. The rug is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for busy households. With its unique design and neutral color palette, this rug is sure to be a timeless addition to any living room.

The bear skin rug is also a great way to add a touch of nature to any living space. The faux fur gives the rug a realistic look, and it can be used to evoke a feeling of the outdoors. The rug is also a great way to bring a touch of warmth and comfort to any living room.



Leaves Via Green Choice Carpet #Ad
The twining leaves on this rug give the neutral room a lot of pizzaz.


Wavy Lines

Wavy Lines Via 4 Home Decor Projects You ...
For something a little new and exciting, try the diamond pattern with wavy rather than straight lines.



Sisal Via Page not found | Antique ...
Sisal rugs are the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

I have wood floors so rugs are a must in my house. Which one do you envision on your floors?

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