9 Eco-friendly Beach Essentials ...


9 Eco-friendly Beach Essentials ...
9 Eco-friendly Beach Essentials ...

Why not get an early start on your Summer shopping by picking up some beach essentials? I've compiled my must-haves for beaching it, and in keeping with my usual writing focus, they're Eco-friendly. Let's take a look at my top 9 Eco-friendly beach essentials!

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Cocoze Coconut Fibre Flip-flops

Cocoze Coconut Fibre Flip-flops A few years ago, the Cocoze co-founder and president was inspired to create the primitive version of his masterpiece, coconut fibre flip-flops, with nothing more than coconut fibre and string. Now, the Eco-friendly sandals have seen their evolution and are fully functional, proper flip flops. Their coconut fibre soles, bound by natural rubbers, are super comfortable (no, they're not scratchy!), and they look totally rad while they're at it. Plus, the coconut fibre actually exfoliates your feet (no kidding!) as you wear them. It's kind of a no brainer, really. This Canadian company has one heck of an innovative product on their hands (excuse me, I meant feet). The ultimate beach essentials, Cocoze are wearable in myriad ways, like with a pretty sundress, cutoffs and a tee or just your swimsuit. Be the girl who gets asked, "Where on earth did you get those? And what are they made of?" all Summer. Grab a pair of these, pronto.


Continuing on the theme of sustainable fashion, Cocoze's innovation doesn't stop at being a conversation starter. Every step you take is a step towards environmental stewardship. Made entirely of biodegradable materials, they won't end up polluting the ocean like typical flip-flops often do. Even the production process is eco-conscious, with minimal carbon footprint and no animal products—making them vegan-friendly too. So, whether you're taking a stroll down the beach or grabbing an ice cream on the boardwalk, your Cocoze flips show the world that style and sustainability can go hand in hand—literally from the ground up!


FEED Love Bag

FEED Love Bag In 2006, model/activist Lauren Bush designed the FEED bag, which benefited the United Nations Food Programme's school feeding program. Today, there are several styles of the bags, the proceeds of which have a built-in donation that helps to feed hungry children worldwide. Each purchase of this adorable Raspberry-hued cotton canvas tote supplies 25 meals to students living in areas with a high HIV/AIDS risk. Toss your towel, sunscreen, water bottle and beach book in this Eco-chic bag. You'll look amazing, but you'll feel even better for helping to support such a great cause.


Klean Kanteen BPA-free Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen BPA-free Stainless Steel Water Bottle These water bottles are made with 100 percent food grade stainless steel, which is BPA free and devoid of toxins like the epoxy and plastics that many water bottles contain. And there's more good news about stainless steel; it doesn't retain flavour, so the days of washing your bottle three times and STILL tasting that green tea you had last week are over. Klean Kanteens come in adorable colors like this turquoise one, AND are packaged in materials that are either recyclable or Forest Stewardship Council certified. Go grab a Klean Kanteen!


DiamondSupply Co. RECYCLED Skateboard Wood Sunglasses

DiamondSupply Co. RECYCLED Skateboard Wood Sunglasses Founded in 1998 by LA skateboard culture king Nick Diamond, the frames of these shades are made from 100% recycled skateboard wood. Now look at them again. And read this paragraph again. Enough said.


Eco Swim Porthole Halter Swimdress

Eco Swim Porthole Halter Swimdress As if the sexiness, elegance and nautical theme weren't enough, Eco Swim's Porthole Halter Swim dress is made with fabrics that are recycled and from renewable sources, and the biodegradable bra caps shun petroleum foam in favour of recycled materials and plant oils. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Eco-friendly traits of this knockout swimsuit, so why not look hot as heck and be Eco-conscious at the same time?


Eco Swim Shirred Side Dress

Eco Swim Shirred Side Dress Possessing all of the Eco-friendly qualities of the bathing suit you just read about by the same brand, this cute little number is perfect when you want to be able to get in the water at a moment's notice, but still feel like having something cute and discreet on. The adjustable sides make it easy to style a number of ways, and it can also be worn as a top!


Trust Fund Beauty "I Had It First" 5-free Nail Polish

Trust Fund Beauty "I Had It First" 5-free Nail Polish This edgy, tongue-in-cheek brand encourages everyone to embrace their inner rich girl with their luxurious, stunning collections. The formula is cruelty free and 5-free, which means it doesn't contain the five main toxic offenders found in many polishes. A lady never forgets her mani/pedi in beach season, and this pale, pigmented pink is perfect for when you want chilled-back, understated nails that still scream pretty. These are also quite chip-resistent, so you can just paint and go!


Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen Suntegrity's founder Tricia Trimble created Suntergity after losing her mother to skin cancer. The loss prompted Tricia to become an advocate for the use of sunscreen, but she balked at all the sunscreens containing chemicals that were, in fact, carcinogens. So she created change herself by starting Suntegrity, a skincare brand that avoids toxic chemicals and preservatives like parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, nano particles and sulfates, to name a few. This sunscreen has been featured in the Environmental Working Group's "Best Sunscreens" category, with a number one rating.


John Masters Sea Spray

John Masters Sea Spray No day at the beach is complete without beachy boho waves, and this simple formula of water, sea salt and Certified Organic lavender oil will lend that carefree, wavy texture to your tresses, without the toxins! Bonus: The lavender oil has hair protection benefits!

Will you be buying Eco-friendly beach essentials this year? Have you tried anything on my list? Let me know! Here's to a healthy and fabulous beach season!

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