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Don't Forget to Buy Gifts for These 7 People ...

By Holly

You already know that you need to buy gifts for your parents and boyfriend. However, there are a few people you might've forgotten to do holiday shopping for. You don't have to buy them anything huge, but you should at least buy a small present to show them that you were thinking of them. If you want to spread holiday cheer, don't forget to buy gifts for these people:

1 Your Boyfriend’s Parents

Your Boyfriend’s Parents If you're going to spend the holidays with your boyfriend's family, you can't forget to buy gifts for his parents. It'll score you brownie points with them. Besides, they're probably going to give you something small. If you don't know them all that well, then ask your boyfriend for help. He should be able to think of something sweet that you can buy.

2 The Mailman

The Mailman Your mailman works hard all year long. That's why you should leave a card in the mailbox meant just for him. You can put a few bucks inside of it, a gift card, or leave it completely empty. If you don't have enough money to spend on them, he'll still be happy with an empty card that's signed by you and your family.


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3 Your Boss

Your Boss You don't want to forget to buy your boss a holiday gift. After all, it can never hurt to suck up. Also, if there's a Secret Santa going on at your office, you should sign up to be a part of it. It'll help you get to know your coworkers better. Plus, you'll end up getting a gift, too!

4 Your Pets

Your Pets Your puppies and kitties deserve presents, too. Make sure you buy them new toys, or at least a few little treats, that you can leave under the tree. That way, they'll have something to unwrap and won't feel left out. After all, they're part of the family, too.

5 Your Friend’s Children

Your Friend’s Children When you get older, your friends will start to get married and have babies. If you usually get your BFF a holiday gift, don't forget to buy her child something small, too. You might even want to buy her husband something, so that he doesn't feel like an outsider when you visit her house and start swapping gifts.

6 Your Neighbor

Your Neighbor Most of us are stuck with crummy neighbors. However, if you're blessed with sweet neighbors who watch your house while you're away, make sure you give them something small. You don't even have to spend money on them. Just bring them over a batch of the cookies you were planning on making, anyway. They'll be happy that you thought of them.

7 Anyone else You See on a Daily Basis

Anyone else You See on a Daily Basis If you take the bus every morning, you might want to give your bus driver a card. If you're always visiting your grandfather at his nursing home, you might want to give the nurses a card. Think about the places that you frequently visit. If you see someone multiple times a week, they probably deserve a gift from you.

You don't want any of these people to feel left out, so make sure you buy them a small gift to show them that you appreciate them. What other people do you always make sure to shop for around the holidays?

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