7 Colors and How They Affect Your Mood ...


If you’re choosing what to wear, your bedroom colors, or even your lucky charm, it’s useful to be knowledgeable about colors and how they affect your mood. Believe it or not, colors make a huge impact on your and others’ emotions. If you want to paint your office a nice color that will evoke productivity, you wouldn’t want to choose a color that’s too intense or a color that makes you want to drink hot chocolate and sleep next to the fire! Keep reading to learn about a few colors and how they affect your mood.

1. Blue

When learning about colors and how they affect your mood, it’s important to stop and visualize putting these theories to the test. Let’s start with blue. Close your eyes and think of the color blue. No really… close your eyes! Now that you’ve done that, what emotions did you feel? I can bet you felt calm and relaxed! According to psychological research, blue creates feelings of tranquility, calmness, and coolness. Makes you want to hit the beach, doesn’t it?

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