8 Colorful Reasons to Watch Hells Kitchen ...


Hell's Kitchen is one of those shows that you either love it or you hate it – after this post, I'm gonna make you love it! I am a sucker for any trashy reality TV show, but I have been religiously watching this show since the first season. There is so much to love about Hell's Kitchen I know that after reading this, you're gonna want to see exactly what I am talking about! Below, I'm going to detail out 8 of the most colorful reasons why Hell's Kitchen should be on your 'Top TV Show' list!

1. Gordon Ramsey

I am in love with this man. No. Seriously. I am in love with him and I seriously do watch every single show that he is in but Hell's Kitchen is by far the best. Not only does he let loose, but he really let's loose and makes sure to cause a lot of the drama in the show (not that the participates are innocent either). If you are thinking of becoming a chef in the near future, you should definitely watch this show and see what you might have to deal with in the kitchen.

The Drama of Hell's Kitchen
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