7 Clubs Every College Girl Needs to Join ...


College is that one time of your life where you have an entire system dedicated to getting you more involved. So why not take advantage of that? Getting involved in clubs and organizations is a huge part of the college life. They are a great way to meet new people, have a bigger impact on campus life, and even learn more about yourself. Whether it's something fun, academic, athletic, or completely random, clubs across campus are just waiting for you to show up and make your college experience so much more enriched.

1. Personal Interest

This should probably go without saying, but join a club that interests you. If you like knitting, join the knitting club. If you like to dance, join a dance team. If you like ice cream, join the ice cream club. You are bound to meet others who share your interest (hello, instant friendship) and it gives you time out of the day to do something that you genuinely enjoy.

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